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Thermal Baths Architecture

We’ve selected what we feel are the key examples of Thermal Baths Architecture. We aim to include Thermal Baths buildings / projects that are either of top quality or interesting, or ideally both.

We cover completed Thermal Baths buildings, new building designs and architectural exhibitions. The focus is on contemporary pool & spa buildings but information on traditional aquatic buildings is also welcome.

Thermal Baths Building – Latest Designs

7 Feb 2013
Emser Therme – Thermal Baths in Bad Ems, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany
Design: 4a Architekten
Emser Therme - Thermal Baths Buildings
photo © David Matthiessen
Thermal Baths in Bad Ems
4a Architekten extend their bathing repertoire: The Bad Ems Thermal Baths proves itself with its distinct character and high standards of comfort.

18 Jan 2013
Thermenhotel Spreewald – Spa Hotel Burg, south east Germany
Design: 4a Architekten
The Spreewald Spa Hotel in Burg - Thermal Baths Buildings
photograph © Jochen Stüber, Hamburg
Spa Hotel Spreewald
Nature, wellness and design – these were the guiding principles for 4a Architekten when constructing the Spreewald Spa Hotel in Burg. Situated in the heart of the Spree Forest next to the Spreewald Therme spa, also planned and built by 4a Architekten as early as 2005, this 4-star hotel offers its guests a feel-good atmosphere to relax in.

23 Dec 2004
Therme Wien – Vienna Spa, Austria
Design: 4a Architekten
Therme Wien - Thermal Baths Buildings
photograph : Cathrine Stukhard
Therme Wien – Vienna Spa, Austria
Say good by to your tankless water heater at home, Nestling in the spa gardens of Vienna Oberlaa, Austria’s largest spa resort invites visitors to enjoy a special relaxing experience with a varied range of pools, rest areas, gastronomic and beauty facilities. The driving force behind the design concept of this new spa resort is nature itself.

Thermal Baths Architecture Designs

Bathing architecture, alphabetical:

Gleichenberg Spa, Bad Gleichenberg, Austria
Design: JSA
Gleichenberg Thermal Baths Buildings
image : Jensen & Skodvin Architects
Gleichenberg Thermal Baths
Life medicine resort located in Steirisches Thermenland.

Lakeside Bath, Caldaro / Kaltern, Austria
Design: the next ENTERprise
Lakeside Bath Caldaro
photo : Lukas Schaller
Lakeside Baths Caldaro
Kaltern Lake is a nature reserve and access is restricted to a few bathing establishments on the Northern shore, the only public one being our site. The project’s intention is to strengthen the feeling of public ownership, by blurring the line between public space and reserved areas, and to establish the lido as part of public life, by translating the program into an ambiguous space.

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Lago Segrino building
photo : Filippo Simonetti – Brunate

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Nou Camp Stadium, Barcelona, Catalonia, Northeast Spain

Emirates Stadium, North London, Southeast England, UK

O2 arena, South London, Southeast England, UK

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