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New Residential Property Designs

Contemporary Residential Architecture – Current Homes : H Part 3

New House Designs

e-architect selected key current examples of New Residential Properties. We include home designs that have strong design intent. Our focus is on contemporary residential property.

Residential Architecture starting with H – part three, in alphabetical order:

New Residential Property Designs – H Part 3

New Homes, alphabetical:

House for a Musher, Alaska, USA
House for a Musher - New Residential Property Designs
photo © kevin g. smith photography
The design for the house is organized in an L-shape with a common space centered on the view toward the alaska mountain range with “the high one” as a focal point. Carefully selected locations for wall openings frame specific views of the chugach mountains and mount susitna.

House In Nagata, Japan
House in Nagata - New Residential Property Designs
photo : Yoshiharu Matsumura
The landowner requested two things. One is to ride up the relief by car, so the spiral slope was made towards high-located entrance on 4800mm. As climbing up gradual stairs in the site, coastlines and Mt.Takatori are coming into visitor’s eyes over roofs of neighbor’s houses.

House in Otake, Hiroshima, Japan
House in Otake - New Residential Property Designs
photograph : Toshiyuki Yano
The Otake house is located in the West of Hiroshima prefecture, on a high plateau that neighbors the Kamei Park of the Kamei Castle Ruins. To the South is an industrial region and a beautiful mountain range, and to the North a remarkable view of the Seto Inland Sea and Miyajima.

House in Piedra Roja, near Santiago, Chile
Piedra Roja residence - New Residential Property Designs
photograph : Sebastián Wilson León
The house forms a rectangle – with North South direction – in which air bubbles are injected as patios that get qualified according to the different programs and their use. These patios unify these spaces visually and separate them programmatically. The architects are Riesco + Rivera Arquitectos Asociados.

House in Pedrogão, Torres Novas, Portugal
House in Pedrogão - New Residential Property Designs
photograph : Montse Zamorano Gañán
As if there was a character particular to things and to Architecture, where the logic of construction of the Imaginary is rooted in the logical nature of making, disposing, assembling, organizing, in such a way we can say there is a Nature of Things. As if Architecture has always built a truth and its opposite. This home design is by Phyd Arquitectura, architects.

House in Penafiel, Portugal
House in Penafiel
image from architect studio

House in Pousos, Leiria, Portugal
House in Leiria
image : ARX Portugal

House in Quinta da Marinha, Portugal
House in Cascais
photograph : Ricardo Santos Meireles

House in Romeirao, Portugal
House in Romeirao - New Residential Property Designs
photo : FG + SG – Fotografia de Arquitectura

House in Saijo, Japan
Saijo House
photo : Toshiyuki Yano

House in Senri, Osaka, Japan
Senri House - New Residential Property Designs
photograph : Nagaishi Hidehiko

House in Setagaya, Tokyo, Japan
House in Setagaya
photo : Nacasa&Pertners Inc.

House in Showa-cho, Japan
House in Showa-cho - New Residential Property Designs
photograph : Toshiyuki Yano

House Steel Wood, Asturias, Spain
Asturias House
photograph : Emilio P. Doiztua

House in Suffolk, England
Suffolk House
photo : Peter Guthrie

House in Sully, Wales
Sully House - New Residential Property Designs
image from architecture studio

House in Ticino, Switzerland
House in Ticino - New Residential Property Designs
photo : Enrico Cano

House in the Trees, USA
House in the Trees
photo © Lara Swimmer

House in Zapallar, Chile
House in Zapallar II - New Residential Property Designs
photo : Gonzalo Romero

House Kaps, Austria
house kaps - New Residential Property Designs
photo : j. felsch + caramel

House Lina, Austria
house lina
photo : caramel

House M, Austria
house m
photo : otto hainzl + caramel

House N, Croatia
House N Croatia
picture : Damir Fabijanic

House RR, Brazil
House RR - New Residential Property Designs
photo : Nelson Kon

House of Maple Leaves, Japan
Karuizawa House
photo : Yasuhiro Nukamura

House P, Austria
house p - New Residential Property Designs
photo : Hertha Hurnaus

House Tumle, Sweden
House Tumle
photo : Rasmus Norlander

House in Wicklow, Ireland
Wicklow house
photograph : Ros Kavanagh and ODOS architects

House with a Capsule, Poland
House with a Capsule
image from architect office

House Wright, Durban, South Africa
House Wright - New Residential Property Designs
photo from architects firm

HSU House, Ithaca, NY, USA
HSU House
picture : Susan & Jerry Kaye

Hundertacht House, Germany
Hundertacht House
photograph : Stefan Müller, Berlin

Hungarian House Design
Portik Adorján
House in Hungary - New Residential Property Designs
image from architects

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