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Modern Homes date from the 20th century and exhibit a simple, clean style. Materials such as exposed concrete, large planes of glass and a strong horizontality are typical. Underlying most modern homes is a belief in the maxim ‘form follows function’, thus columns and slabs are expressed.

Many Modern properties used white as the predominant colour. Sometimes this is offset with planes of colour, such as in mid-period Le Corbusier houses or in the De Stijl buildings. There is a wide variety of forms from rectilinear – such as the Farnsworth House – to organic – such as the Arango Residence.

Farnsworth House - US Modern Homes
image © gm+ad architects

Modern Home Photos

Modernist Properties – key 20th Century homes listed alphabetically:

Arango Residence, Acapulco, Mexico – design by John Lautner, Architect
Modern house
photo : Sara Sackner
The house was commissioned in 1970 by Jeronimo Arango as a weekend home for his family. The client had seen Elrod House in publications and wanted a similar house. He wanted the property to look out over the bay of Acapulco.

Casa Mila, Barcelona, Spain – design by Antoni Gaudí, Architect
Spanish house
photo © Adrian Welch
Casa Mila is a beautiful sculptural building that expresses pure tectonic delight and unlike Sagrada Familia (also by Antoni Gaudi) its architecture is simpler and less specific, therefore in many ways more sophisticated.

Farnsworth House, Illinois, USA – design by Mies van der Rohe, Architect
Farnsworth House USA
image © gm+ad architects
The Farnsworth House was designed and constructed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe between 1945 and 1951. It is a one-room weekend retreat in what then was a rural setting, located 55 miles (89 km) southwest of Chicago’s downtown, on a 60-acre (24 ha) estate site adjoining the Fox River, south of the city of Plano, Illinois.

Frognal Road House, London, England, UK – design by Max Fry, Architect
Frognal Road House
picture © Nick Weall
Located on the corner of Frognal and Frognal Way, in the prestigious urban village of Hampstead, north west London, this as the final commission for Connell, Ward and Lucas (1933-39). Amyas Douglas Connell + Basil Ward were both New Zealand architects whereas Colin Lucas was English.

Tugendhat Villa Brno, Brno, Czech Republic – design by Mies van der Rohe Architect
Modern Villa
photograph © AW
Fritz and Grete Tugendhat first met Mies van der Rohe in Berlin in the summer of 1928. During that summer Mies van der Rohe visited the site which was originally belonging to a house in Sadova Street owned by Alfred Low-Beer, Grete’s father. On 22 April 1929 an application for planning permission was submitted and in June of that same year construction began.

Villa Savoye, near Paris, France – design by Le Corbusier, Architect
Villa Savoye construction
picture © Isabelle Lomholt

Zimmerman House, Manchester, New England, USA – design by Frank Lloyd Wright, Architect
New England house - Modern Homes
picture © Adrian Welch

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Modern Prague Buildings – house by Mart Stam:
Modern Prague house
photograph © Adrian Welch

Maison de Verre, Paris, France
Date built: 1932
Design: Pierre Chareau Architect
Modern Paris house

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