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post updated 9 Jan 2021

Buildings in Japan

We’ve selected what we feel are the key examples of Japanese Building Developments. We cover completed buildings, new building designs, architectural exhibitions and competitions across Japan. The focus is on contemporary Japanese buildings but information on traditional Japanese buildings is also welcome.

We have 8 pages of Japanese Architecture selections.

Japanese Architecture : news + key projects

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New Japanese Building Designs

Major Buildings in Japan, alphabetical:

A house awaiting death
Architects: EASTERN design office
House awaiting death Japanese Building
photograph : Koichi Torimrua
A house awaiting death
A four-meter wide gravel and dirt road runs in front of the site. On the other side of the road is a park-golf course where several elderly neighbors enjoy their leisure time.

Armani/Ginza Tower, Tokyo
Design: Massimiliano Fuksas Architects
Armani/Ginza Tower Japanese Buildings
photograph : Ramon Prat
Armani/Ginza Tower
The most important aspect that the architecture practice wanted to incorporate along the internal pathway between the zones is the element of surprise. To seek to incite emotion is as much the remit of the architect as it is of the designer.

Auto Repair Shop, Nigata
Design: Daigo Ishii + Future-scape Architects
Auto Repair Shop Nigata Japanese Buildings
photo : Koichi Torimura
Auto Repair Shop Nigata
Since the construction cost was extreme low, the architecture practice adopted a simple box form volume as a minimum size necessary for getting the legal certification. The architects thought that the low cost and the box form were the important characters for the suburbian architecture.

Barn, Nakanojo-town, central Japan
Design: Ikimono Architects+others
Barn Japan
photo from architects
Japanese Barn Building
This information center is on the east side of the plaza where it got off Nakanojo Station. A wide table is put on the room where the wall, the floor, and the ceiling were plastered in white. It is an area of 364cm×728cm and about 16 of Tatami.

Black House, Kobe-city
Design: Tadashi Suga Architect
Black House Japan
photo: Yoshiharu Matsumura
Black House

The black floatings, Chiba, s/east Japan
Design: STUDIO・NOA architect & associates
House in Yotsukaido Japanese Buildings
photograph from architect
House in Yotsukaido

Boukyo house
Design: Nakayama Architects
Boukyo house Japan
image from architect
Boukyo home

Bourou Noguchi, Noboribetsu Onsen
Design: Nakayama Architects
Bourou Noguchi Noboribetsu Japanese Buildings
image from architect
Contemporary Japanese Hotel

Casa Wakasa, Osaka
Design: wHY Architecture
Casa Wakasa Japanese Buildings
picture : Koji Nagasawa
Casa Wakasa

Chichu Art Museum, Naoshima, Kagawa
Architect: Tadao Ando
Chichu Art Museum
photograph : FUJITSUKA Mitsumasa
Chichu Art Museum

Chokkura Plaza, Tochigi
Design: Kengo Kuma & Associates
Chokkura Plaza Japanese Buildings
image : Daici Ano

Ceremony Hall, Oita, Kyūshū, sw Japan
Design: Takao Shiotsuka Atelier
Oita Ceremony Hall Japanese Buildings
image : Toshiyuki Yano / Nacasa & Partners Inc
Ceremony Hall Oita

Column and Slab House, Tokyo
Design: FT Architects
Column and Slab House
photograph : Koichi Torimura
Column and Slab House

Cottage in Tsumari
Design: Daigo Ishii + Future-scape Architects
Tsumari House Japan property
photo : Future-scape Architects
House in Tsumari

Crystal brick house – housing, Tokyo
Design: Atelier Tekuto
Crystal Brick House
photograph : Makoto Yoshida
Japanese housing

Daylight House, southeast Japan
Design: Takeshi Hosaka Architects
Daylight House Japan
photograph : Koji Fujii / Nacasa&Pertners Inc.
Daylight House, Yokohama

More Japanese Buildings online soon

Japanese Buildings – No Images

7/2 House

Sou Fujimoto Architects

21_21 Design Sight – Museum, Midtown, Tokyo
Tadao Ando Architect & Associates

Airspace Tokyo, Kitamagome Ota-ku district, Tokyo, Japan
Studio M with Thom Faulders
four storey multi-family dwelling unit with photography studios
open-celled meshwork : dual-layered skins constructed of aluminum & plastic composite material.
Building design: Hajime Masubuchi/Studio M in Japan
Screen design: Thom Faulders, with Proces2 Design in San Francisco

Akino Fuku Art Museum
Terunobu Fujimori + Yoshio Uchida

Aktis Wedding Chapel, Brighton Hotel, Kyoto
Amorphe Takeyama & Associates

Amber Hall, Kuji, Japan
Kisho Kurokawa

Awaji Yumebutai, Awaji, Hyogo
Tadao Ando

B House, Tokyo
Atelier A5

Big Window House, Yokohama
Tezuka Architects

Billboard building – housing block, Tokyo
klein dytham architecture

Billiard Hall & House, Nagoya
Ushida Findlay Architects

C1 House, Tokyo
Curiosity / Milligram Studio

Capsule House K, Karuizawa
Kisho Kurokawa

Chiaroscuro House, Tokyo
Ushida Findlay Architects

Chichu Art Museum, Naoshima
Tadao Ando

Children’s Treatment Centre, Hokkaido

Sou Fujimoto Architects

Chokaso, Tokyo, Japan
Kisho Kurokawa

Chokkura Plaza, Tochigi
Kengo Kuma & Associates

Crematorium, Kakamigahara, Japan
Toyo Ito

Dior Omotesando – Dior Store, Tokyo
SANAA Architects

More Japanese Buildings online soon

Location: Japan

Japanese Architect

Polish Expo Pavilion 2005, Nagoya / Aichi

Ingarden & Ewy Architekci, Poland
Japanese Expo building
photo from architect firm
Japanese Expo building

Architect in Japan : Tom Heneghan

Project only

Hiroshima air terminal – Architecture Competition
Date built: 1990
Design: Paul Andreu Architects

Kisho Kurokawa

Tokyo Building Designs

Japan Architecture : UIA 2011 Tour

Japanese Architects : Fumihiko Maki

Buildings / photos for the Japanese Architecture page welcome