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SitTable – Architectural Furniture

Contemporary Interior Product design by Ben van Berkel / UNStudio

15 May 2012 + 20 Oct 2010

SitTable, PROOFF, 2010

Design: Ben van Berkel / UNStudio

Sit down, sit up, lounge, hang, repose, move, work, read, consult or relax. Alone or together.

People communicate in a variety of ways. The design for the SitTable caters to the needs of these divergent varieties. It allows for the table to become a thinking place as well as a social meeting ground, whilst offering a diversity of options for functionality.

It may become a quiet reading table found in a library, or a work and relaxation place located in an airport lounge. It could simply be used in a waiting room, in a front office or in a school. It may also act as a meeting space for exhibitions or in shops.

Whichever role it fills, everyone is given the opportunity to discover their own practical use for the SitTable. It is designed to serve one’s own intended purpose for functionality and arrangement.

SitTable SitTable UNStudio SitTable design

The hybrid form of the SitTable combines two pieces of multi-functional furniture, offering a variety of space-creating authority to the user. Numerous tasks can be carried out simultaneously at the SitTable – both solitary and social, or a combination of the two.

Ben van Berkel: “The SitTable is designed for the various ways in which people communicate. Through a cross combination of usage possibilities, it extends the traditional role of the table as a social meeting place.”

UNStudio has long been interested in hybrid forms of all scales, from large scale mixed-use urban projects through to programmatic and volumetric transitions in public buildings and private residences. A similar approach is often taken to products designed by the studio, where hybridisation offers increased performance potential to a wide variety of users. The SitTable is a new addition to this family of designs.

SitTable SitTable UNStudio SitTable design

Photography: Roel van Tour & Pim Top

SitTable – Product Information

Client: PROOFF


SitTable Type 1:
tabletop: wood veneer, dark oak A32 – Morado
fabric seat: Divina 462 (mustard yellow)
frame: steel C3, Anthraciet Grey
l x w x h: 3800 x 1750 x 750mm

SitTable Type 2:
tabletop: white HPL, white veneer
fabric seat: Divina 692 (purple)
frame: steel C3, Anthraciet Grey
l x w x h: 5450 x 1750 x 750mm

Ben van Berkel, Caroline Bos with Juergen Heinzel, William de Boer and Machteld Kors, Martijn Prins, Daniela Hake

Prooff – Leo Schouten, Tim Orriens, Antoinette Veneman
Arco – Willem van Ast, Jorre van Ast en Roelof Jansen Jurgen Bey
The SitTable is produced by Arco Contemporary Furniture/ Arco – Jorre van Ast, Roelof Janssen

SitTable images / information from UNStudio

UNStudio, The Netherlands

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