Grand Arénas Nice Multimodal Hub, France Architecture Project, Photo, French Design

Multimodal Hub Nice, France : Grand Arénas

Multimodal Hub Nice Development design by Josep Lluis Mateo Architect

Location: Nice, southeast France

Design: Josep Lluis Mateo

Today Josep Lluís Mateo is going to present his master plan for the Pôle Multimodal Nice-Aéroport quartier d’affairs Grand Arénas at MIPIM, the leading international real state fair, celebrated in Cannes.

Grand Arénas Nice Multimodal Hub
image from Josep Lluis Mateo

8 Mar 2012

Pôle Multimodal Nice-Aéroport quartier d’affairs Grand Arénas

Nice 2012

Project: Pôle Multimodal Nice-Aéroport quartier d’affairs Grand Arénas

Restricted competition

Pôle Multimodal Nice-Aéroport quartier d’affaires Grand Arénas Film on vimeo

Project: Pôle Multimodal Nice-Aéroport quartier d’affairs Grand Arénas from Josep Lluis Mateo on Vimeo


The nature around us: the Mediterranean, my culture, too, the river, the mountains … data in the base. The interaction of flows: planes, trains, trams, buses… expression of interchange, of mobility and of the centrality of the place.

With all of this, plus the spaces that protect human activities, constructing a piece of contemporary city, a new centre of the city of the future.

Josep LLuís Mateo

Project title: Pôle Multimodal Nice-Aéroport quartier d’affairs Grand Arénas Restricted competition
Author: Josep Lluís Mateo
Client: Établissement Public d’Aménagement de la Plaine du Var, Nice
Site: Nice Grand Arénas
Project: 2011
Surface: Grand Arénas: 680,000 m2
Pôle Multimodal Nice-Aéroport: 110,000 m2


18 Mar 2011

Multimodal Hub Nice

Location: southeast France
Design: Josep Lluis Mateo

Grand Arénas Nice Grand Arénas Nice
images from Josep Lluis Mateo

Josep Lluis Mateo has won the competition to develop the Grand Arénas project in Nice, an ambitious urban project.

Nice 2011


Development of Grand Arénas

Multimodal hub and Congress and Exhibition Centre

Restricted Competition

MATEO Arquitectura wins the competition to develop the Grand Arénas project in Nice.

The awarding of the Grand Arénas project to Josep Lluís Mateo was announced March 2011, in the context of the MIPIM real-estate trade fair in Cannes. The project includes the development of a multimodal hub and a congress and exhibition centre near Nice airport in the river Var plain.

Multimodal Hub Nice images / information from Josep Lluis Mateo

Mateo Arquitectura

Location: Nice, France, western Europe

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