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Dutch Building Developments

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The Netherlands

Building Developments in The Netherlands

We’ve selected what we feel are the key examples of Dutch Building Developments. We cover completed buildings, new building designs, architectural exhibitions and architecture competitions across The Netherlands. The focus is on contemporary buildings in Holland but information on traditional Dutch architecture is also welcome.

We have 6 pages of the best new Dutch Architecture selections.

Dutch Architecture : news + key projects

Dutch Architecture Designs : A

Dutch Architecture Developments : B-G

Dutch Building Designs : H-P

Dutch Buildings : R-Z

Dutch Building Developments : Architecture outwith major cities (this page)

Dutch Building Developments – outwith major cities

New Building Developments, alphabetical:

Armada, Palesikwartier, Den Bosch
Design: BDP
Dutch housing
photo : Martine Hamilton Knight
Dutch housing : Architecture competition
The brief was to design a waterside residential development in an historic town, and to drive regeneration of a former industrial centre. The architectural design resulted in maximised natural light and views, minimised wind turbulence, and green energy: rooftop solar collectors supplement hot water supply.

Betty Blue – Retail Park Roermond
Design: NIO architecten
Retail Park Roermond
image : Arjen Schmitz
Retail Park Roermond
As unambiguous as this shopping machine is lying here on its doorstep, waiting for visitors, as ambiguous it is in relation to its shape and colour, it is sometimes straight and other times round, from the one side purple and from the other side blue. In the shelter of this enormous lifted and stretched drop of water, an inner square with almost exotic conditions has been shaped.

Bunker 599
Design: Atelier de Lyon | Rietveld Landscape
Bunker 599
picture from architects
Bunker 599
This Bunker 599 project lays bare two secrets of the New Dutch Waterline (NDW), a military line of defence in use from 1815 until 1940 protecting the cities of Muiden, Utrecht, Vreeswijk and Gorinchem by means of intentional flooding. A seemingly indestructible bunker with monumental status is sliced open.

City Library Helmond
Design: Bolles+Wilson
City Library Helmond
picture : Christian Richters
City Library Helmond
Directly adjacent to the new library are the 1970’s Tree Houses and Theatre by Piet Blom. Here the new library facade is moulded and sloped in dialogue with its dramatic neighbour. A between space, a block internal café terrace, a comfortable and dramatic extension of the existing enclosed Theatre Square is the result of this spatial symbiosis.

CP Parenterals Organon, Oss
Design: Broekbakema
CP Parenterals Organon
photograph : Menno Emmink
CP Parenterals Organon
Broekbakema has designed a new pharmaceutical factory for Schering-Plough in Oss (formerly Organon). Although it has already been completed and accepted, this production building is not yet operational.

Dijkmeijer House, Aarle-Rixtel Country
Design: UArchitects
Dijkmeijer House
image from architect office
Dijkmeijer House
The front of the existing house, situated at the street, has been left intact in order to maintain its historical character. The private house was built up by small rooms with limited daylight and there was no view from the living room into the long extended back-garden.

Drents Museum, Assen
Design: Erick van Egeraat Architects
Dutch Museum building
picture from architecture studio
Dutch Museum building
In the design of the in 2011 re-opened Drents Museum, the existing Koetshuis has been given a new function as the Museum’s main entrance. The staff building is put on a glass plinth. In addition, underground spaces have been added, connecting the old and the new part.

Ginkgo Project, Beekbergen
Design: casanova+hernandez architecten
Ginkgo Building
picture : Christian Richters
Ginkgo Apartments Building, Apeldoorn
The urban structure of Beekbergen, as many other small towns of the Netherlands, is composed mainly by large single family houses that are not affordable for young people and not suitable for older people with mobility problems.

Grienden – apartments, Puttershoek
Design: Biq Architects
Grienden building
picture from architect
Dutch housing by Biq

Havenkwartier, Deventer
Design: Office Jarrik Ouburg (OJO)
Deventer Harbour Building
picture from architects
Deventer Building

Houses, Groenoord-Zuid, Schiedam
NIO architecten
Schiedam Houses - Dutch Building Developments
photo : Hans Pattist
Schiedam Houses

Housing block, Zaandam
Loos Architects
Zaandam Housing - Dutch Building Developments
photograph : Allard van der Hoek
Dutch housing block

MVRDV Glass Farm, Schijndel
Design: MVRDV, Architects
MVRDV Glass Farm - Dutch Building Developments
picture © MVRDV
MVRDV Glass Farm

Pavilion in Roosendaal
Design: René van Zuuk Architekten
Roosendaal Pavilion - Dutch Building Developments
photograph © Christian Richters
Roosendaal Pavilion

Penitentiaire Maasberg, Overloon
Design: UArchitects
Maasberg in Overloon building
photo : Norbert van Onna
Maasberg in Overloon building

Piter Jelles & De Brêge School
Jeanne Dekkers Architectuur
Netherlands School building
image from architect
Netherlands School building

Regiocentrale Zuid, Maasbracht
Design: Wiel Arets Architects
Regiocentrale Zuid Building
photograph : Jan Bitter
Regiocentrale Zuid 

Rijkswaterstaat Office Assen
Design: 24H>architecture
Rijkswaterstaat Office Building
photograph : Christian Richters
Rijkswaterstaat Office Building

Ronald McDonald House, Barendrecht
Design: Jeanne Dekkers Architectuur
Dutch house
image from architect
Dutch house

Spikvoorde II, De Vijfhoek, Deventer
René van Zuuk Architekten
Spikvoorde II Deventer - Dutch Building Developments
photograph © Christian Richters
Deventer Building

Starterswoningen – housing, Hoofddorp
Biq Architects
Hoofddorp building
picture from architect
Contemporary Dutch housing

Tea House bunker, Vreeswijk
Design: UN Studio Architects
Tea House Holland - Dutch Building Developments
photo from UNStudio Architects
Tea House Holland

Touch of Evil, Pijnacker
NIO architecten
Pijnacker tunnel
picture : Hans Pattist
Pijnacker tunnel intervention

Valuas College, Venlo
Jeanne Dekkers Architectuur
Dutch college building
picture from architect
Dutch college building

Villa 1
Powerhouse Company
Villa 1 - Dutch Building Developments
photograph : Bas Princen
Villa 1

Villa Dali, Vroondaal, Den Haag
Design: 123DV architecture & consult
Villa Dali
photograph : Christiaan de Bruijne
Villa Dali

Villa Groothof, Barneveld, east Netherlands
Design: Studioninedots
Villa Groothof - Dutch Building Developments
image from architects
Villa Groothof

Villa L
Design: Powerhouse Company
Villa L
picture from architect
Villa L

Zaandam hotel building
Design: WAM architecten
Inntel hotel Zaandam - Dutch Building Developments
photo : Roel Backaert
Inntel hotel Zaandam

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