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Byte Building, Brasil : Brasilia Architecture

New Brazilian Property design by DOMO Arquitetos Associados.

Post updated 3 June 2024

Location: Brasilia
Date built: 2011
Design: DOMO Arquitetos Associados

Byte Building Brasilia

Byte Building Brasilia architecture

26 Jul 2011

Byte Building

The Byte building is an office building with approximately 2.900sqm in the outskirts of Brasília. It is a building that houses the administrative headquarters of a school that gives courses through the web.

It has open-floor office spaces and a ground floor space for training courses and exhibitions. The building also needed to be built really cheap, so the materials that were basically used were traditional reinforced concrete structure and ceramic bricks, painted in white.

Byte Building Brasilia architecture

The building stands really close to the noisy highway that connects Brasília to its biggest “sattellite city”, called Taguatinga. Its spaces are basically arranged in an office “wing” and a tower. This composition was also designed to leave part of the land empty to create the possibility of building another “wing” of office space if it´s needed in the future.

Byte Building Brasilia architecture Byte Building Brasilia architecture

The building´s main facade faces the highway and it is the same facade that faces the northwest sun, which is really hot in Brazil. The windows on this facade were designed to never be hit by direct sunlight: all the light that enters this facade is indirect.

Brasilia Office Brasilia Building Brasilia Office Building Brasilia Office Building

The elements between the Windows help to protect the internal spaces from excessive sun and work as storage spaces for the offices. These elements also isolate the office space from the noise that comes from the highway. The building is designed to work without the use of air-conditioning.

In the south facade we used a lot of glass, as the sun never hits it directly. A open plaza connects the office space wing and the tower. The three openings of the tower are turned to a four-story high internal hall facing the lifts.

Byte Building Byte Building

Byte Building images / information from DOMO Arquitetos Associados

Location: Brasilia, Brasil, South America

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