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German Football Arenas

German Football World Cup 2006 Stadia, alphabetical:

Berlin: Olympiastadion
Cologne: Stadion Koln
Dortmund: Westfalenstadion
Frankfurt: Waldstadion
Gelsenkirchen: Arena AufSchalke
Hamburg: Stadion Hamburg
Hanover: Niedersachsenstadion
Kaiserslautern: Fritz-Walter-Stadion
Leipzig: Zentralstadion
Munich: Stadion Munchen
Nuremberg: Frankenstadion
Stuttgart: Gottlieb-Damiler-Stadion

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German Football World Cup Stadium capacities – approximate, by size:

Berlin – Olympiastadion
66,000 [max 74,000]

Dortmund – Westfalenstadion
60,000 [max 67,000]

Munich – Stadion Munchen
59,000 [max 66,000]

Gelsenkirchen – Arena AufSchalke

Stuttgart – Gottlieb-Damiler-Stadion

Hamburg – Stadion Hamburg

Nuremberg – Frankenstadion

Frankfurt – Waldstadion

Kaiserslautern – Fritz-Walter-Stadion

Cologne – Stadion Koln

Hanover – Niedersachsenstadion

Leipzig – Zentralstadion

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The Olympic Stadium hosted the FIFA World Cup Final 9 Jul 2006

Allianz Arena, Munich, Bavaria, southenr Germany
Design: Herzog & de Meuron Architects with ArupSport
Allianz Arena - German Football Stadiums
Allianz Arena photos from ArupSport
Allianz Arena
Dramatic, exciting, and iconic architecture enhances and amplifies everyone’s experience. In the modern world, where image is critical, it can also significantly increase the brand values of a stadium and its sporting team. Modern stadia have become complex and sophisticated buildings, providing a range of facilities for spectators, the media, participants, and operators. But although the mix and standard of facilities can have a significant impact on the user’s experience, the key to a stadium’s success is its heart – the viewing bowl.

Niedersachsenstadion, Hanover, northern Germany
Redevelopment 2004-05
Football Club: Hanover 96
Capacity: 49,000; FIFA World Cup – 39,000
Hanover Stadium, Niedersachsenstadion: 96 Arena
photo by Gerd Fahrenhorst – Own work, CC BY 4.0,
This ground was one of the World Cup 2006 Stadium buildings. Niedersachsenstadion is located in Hanover, Lower Saxony – home to Bundesliga football club Hannover 96. The original 86,000 capacity stadium was completed in 1954 and has since been rebuilt several times for various major football events. Today it has 49,000 covered seats. During the World Cup 2006 the stadium was named FIFA World Cup Stadium, Hanover.

Olympic Stadium, Berlin, eastern Germany
Berlin Stadium building - German Football Stadiums
photo © Isabelle Lomholt
Berlin Stadium building + Berlin Stadium photos – scanned photos from 1995.

Other German Stadium buildings by Gerkan, Marg & Partners include:

Frankfurt Stadium Redevelopment, Germany – aka Waldstadion
Date: 2004/05

Stuttgart Arena, Germany
Date: 1999
reportedly the largest domed arena in Europe

Müngersdorfer Stadion, Köln, Germany

German Football Stadium Buildings: Photos © Adrian Welch / Isabelle Lomholt

Location: Germany, western Europe

German Football Stadium Building

Contemporary German Football Stadium Architecture – architectural selection below:

Frankfurt Stadium Building

Gelsenkirchen Stadium – Arena Auf Schalke

Hamburg Stadium

Hanover Stadium – Niedersachsenstadion

Dortmund Stadium

Nuremberg Stadium – Frankenstadion

Kaiserslautern Stadium

Stuttgart Stadium

Munich Stadium – Allianz Arena

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