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Architectural Design Developments in Jun 2012 – World Built Environment – Complete list for the month

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Architectural News June 2012

World Architectural Highlights in Jun 2012

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The Shulman Auditorium, Oxford, England : Berman Guedes Stretton
Shulman Auditorium - Architecture News June 2012
photo : Adrian Arbib
The use of the elegant columns as vertical cantilevers allows the roof structure to be free of horizontal ties. The roof thus floats effortlessly above the external walls and all but disappears internally.

Garsington Opera Pavilion, High Wycombe, England : Snell Associates
Garsington Opera Pavilion Building - Architecture News June 2012
photo : Marcus Dawes
In the great English tradition of distrust of the new followed by rapid assimilation into permanency and subsequent listing, Garsington Opera’s design concept is driven by the need for it to be a completely demountable ‘temporary’ structure.

House in Gloucestershire, England : Found Associates
House in Gloucestershire - Architecture News June 2012
photo © Hufton & Crow
The planners required that any new building on the site must be an extension to a tiny neglected gamekeeper’s cottage and that it be subordinate to it in scale. End of project. Instead the architect and the client successfully argued for series of dry stone walls and terraces in which the house is buried under grass roofs.

Royal Veterinary College Student Village, Hatfield, England : HawkinsBrown
Royal Veterinary College Student Village Building - Architecture News June 2012
picture : Tim Crocker

Conservatories Bay South Garden, Singapore : Wilkinson Eyre Architects
Gardens by the Bay Singapore - Architecture News June 2012
photo : Robert Such

The Shard London – exclusive photos : Renzo Piano Building Workshop. 28 Jun
The Shard Tower London - Architecture News June 2012
photograph © Nick Weall

Urban Shelter in Guimarães, Portugal : Gabriela Gomes
Shelter ByGG Building - Architecture News June 2012
photograph : Joao Morgado

Rear Extension to 109 Osborne Park, Belfast, Northern Ireland : Ard (Ciaran Mackel) Architects
Osborne Park House - Architecture News June 2012
photo from RIBA

Middle East Architecture : latest country selection update
Beirut Architecture
picture from architects

Mexican Architecture : latest country selection update. 25 Jun
Mexican Architecture
photo : Arq. Arturo Arditti

MÉCA Culture Bordeaux, France : BIG + FREAKS freearchitects
MÉCA Bordeaux Building - Architecture News June 2012
image from architects

COLL-BARREU ARQUITECTOS, Spain : Buildingman concept, New York, USA – new images
Buildingman - Architecture News June 2012

MCBAD Colomer Dumont, France / Spain : Key Projects added
ZAC Bottière Chenaie - Architecture News June 2012
photo : Stephane Chalmeau – Colomer Dumont MCBAD

Addis Ababa Stadium Ethiopia, Africa : LAVA with JDAW
New Addis Ababa Stadium Building
picture from architect

Baltyk Tower Poznań, Poland : MVRDV
Baltyk Tower
picture © MVRDV

Mateo Arquitectura Book : e-architect are giving away one copy of this new book
Josep Lluís Mateo book
image : Josep Lluis Mateo

Velo Towers Seoul, South Korea : Asymptote Architecture – new images + video. 14 Jun
Velo Towers
image © Asymptote Architecture

Kukje Gallery Seoul, South Korea : SO – IL
Kukje Gallery Building
photograph : Iwan Baan

Jansen Campus Oberriet, SG, Switzerland : Davide Macullo Architects
Jansen Campus Oberriet
photo : Enrico Cano

House in Burgenland, Austria : Architects Collective ZT-GmbH
Burgenland Property
photo from architect

Copenhagen Arena Building, Denmark – winning design : 3XN Architects
Copenhagen Arena
image © 3XN

Knoll Ridge Cafe, Tongariro National Park, New Zealand : Harris Butt Architecture
Knoll Ridge Cafe
photograph : Simon Devitt

Olympic Stadium Kiev, Ukraine : gmp – von Gerkan, Marg & Partners
Kiev Stadium Ukraine
photograph : Marcus Bredt

National Stadium Warsaw Poland : EURO 2012 Venue
National Stadion Warschau
photograph : Marcus Bredt

Diagonal Tower Seoul, South Korea : SOM
Diagonal Tower Korea
image © SOM/Crystal CG

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