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post updated 21 Apr 2021

Paul Morgan Architects – Latest Design

Trunk House, Victoria, Australia
Date built: 2012
Trunk House by Paul Morgan Architects
photograph : Peter Bennetts
Trunk House
This project has evolved the building type, the small weekender, by answering a simple question – how does one go into a forest and use the forms of the ecology to build a house? The project is a small cabin in Victoria’s Central Highlands. The clients are medical practitioners/ academics with a daughter attending university.

Paul Morgan Architects – Key Projects

Featured Buildings by Paul Morgan Architects, alphabetical:

The Avenel House
Date built: 2006
Avenel House design by Paul Morgan Architects
photograph : John Gollings
Avenel House

blowhouse: life support unit, Australia
Date built: 2008
image : Courtesy of PMA
2030. Climate change has effected Australia’s environment so dramatically that the interior desert now meets the south east Australian coastline. Average temperatures have increased, the sea level has risen and rainfall has dropped. Many animal and plant species are by now extinct. The island continent is in terminal drought.

The Cape Schanck House, Australia
Date built: 2006
Cape Schanck House
photograph : Peter Bennetts
Cape Schanck House
This house is located in an area near rugged coastline subject to strong prevailing winds and sits within an expanse of native tea tree, on one of Australia’s southern peninsulas. The distinctive pattern of tree growth is caused by light stimulus, or phototropism, which formed a natural ‘tunnel’ at the west of the site, which in turn influenced the design strategies.

Leongatha Learning Centre, Leongatha, Victoria, Australia
Date built: 2010
Leongatha Learning Centre
image : Courtesy of PMA
Leongatha Learning Centre

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Ocean 12 Club Melbourne
photograph © Tom Blachford
Ocean 12 Melbourne

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Galleria Apartment Tower Melbourne Australia
image : Tom Roe
Galleria Apartment Tower

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