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post updated 30 Jan 2021

Recent Project by MoNo

Key Projects by MoNo – architects Fumiaki Nagashima + Mami Maruoka Nagashima

9 Aug 2013
White Forest Exhibition, Yokohama, Japan – interior installation
White Forest design by MoNo Yokohama Japan
picture from architects firm
White Forest Exhibition
This is a new style exhibition of contemporary spatial art with the title “White Forest”, under the theme of decorating the interior space like a forest, with the Japanese garden method, the designers created an inner garden in an ordinary western modern style house. The scene is unique as a new genre of spatial art, using industrial products with fresh-flowers and plants.

Key Building by MoNo

House design by architects Fumiaki Nagashima + Mami Maruoka Nagashima

Yokohama House, Yokohama, Japan
Date built: 2010
Hanasaki House Yokohama City design by MoNo Architects Tokyo
photo : Koshimizu Susumu
Yokohama house
This is the urban residence for a single occupancy is situated in Yokohama City which is about one hour from Tokyo Japan by train.

Installation Projects by MoNo

Installation Designs, alphabetical:

‘Between Shadow and light’, Montpellier Architecture Festival, France – installation project
Date built: 2010
Floating Clouds Montpellier by MoNo Architects
image of the Floating Clouds project : MoNo
Between Shadow and light Montpellier installation

Daylight Spaces 2010 architectural & design competition, Austria
Date built: 2010
Nagashima interior design by MoNo Japan
photo : Nagashima and Partner, Architects, Yokohama – photo by Koshimizu Susumu
Daylight Spaces Architecture Competition : Danube University Krems architecture / design prize
This architects practice carried out an exhibition of installation art in a suburb of Vienna Austria, as an official project of the 140 anniversary friendship for Japan and Austria that two countries embassies promoted.

“Light and Atmosphere in the Japanese way in Austria 2009”

This was a part of the activities as guests of “Artist in Residence Krems” that is an artist invitation system of the State of local Lower Austria, putting by the winning with design studio’s architectural work “hanasaki-house” at the international Architectural design competition “Daylight Spaces – TIA Scholarship Award 2007” that ORTE architectural network and Danube university organized.

Through some lectures and the exhibition, this architecture practice made presentations, showing some scenes of traditional unique sense of space in contemporary Japan around a theme “Japanese original extensity” that was the keyword for the architecture firm’s work “Daylight Spaces / hanasaki-house” as a prizewinner at the foregoing award.

Molecular Cluster, Yokohama, Japan – interior installation
Date built: 2011
Molecular Cluster Yokohama
picture from MoNo, architects
Molecular Cluster
The art work “Molecular Cluster in Yokohama 2011” which was exhibited in Berrick Hall, one of local authorized historical architectures in Yamate historic area, Yokohama, Japan, as the formal opening program of the 5th Yamate Art Festival.
The theme of it was “visualization of memory carved into this historical space”. Every individual memory was linked beyond time and space, and composed the memory of space looking like molecular model.

The memory was described with clear balloon material. About 1,000 balloons were connected in a certain way to express a long cluster of memories.
This cluster surrounded visitors in the room, floating in the air and making a circular arc pattern. Moreover, it was heap up at the corner of room and rolled over underfoot.
Visitors could enjoy the beautiful room interior and the strange feeling of molecular cluster of memory, walking freely through balloons loop.

More architecture projects by MoNo online very soon

Location: 3-7-26-207, Sugita Isogo, Yokohama, 235-0033, Japan, eastern Asia

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MoNo is led by architects Fumiaki Nagashima + Mami Maruoka Nagashima

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Hopscotch House, Kita-ku, Saitama-shi, Saitama, Saitama Prefecture, Kanto region
Architects: Hideyuki Hiramoto (Hiramoto Design Studio)
Hopscotch House Saitama
photograph : Koji Fujii (Nacása&Partners Inc.)
New House in Saitama

Le 49 House, Kamakura
Design: APOLLO Architects & Associates Co
Le 49 House Kamakura
photograph : Masao Nishikawa
Le 49 House in Kamakura

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