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Lernacken Hotel Building, Malmö, Sweden

Swedish Accommodation Development – design by Space Group Arkitekter

6 Jun 2008

Malmö Hotel

Date: 2008-
Design: Space Group Arkitekter

Invited competition winner 2008

Lernacken Pier
Lernacken hotel, Malmö Hotel Building
MIR Visuals

Lernacken Hotel in Malmö

Title: 360 Hotel
Location: Lernacken, Malmö, Sweden
Site: Pristine waterfront site in close vicinity to the Øresund Bridge.
Area: 22 000 m2

Lernacken Aerial Night
Lernacken hotel Building
MIR Visuals

Program: Hotel with Conference and Spa Centre in Malmö. In addition to the Hotel’s 250 rooms, there exists a conference facility with a 900 seat congress Hall and a Spa Centre of more than 2000m2.
Client: Home Properties, Choice
Status: First prize, Invited International Competition 2007-08.
Budget: NA

Lobby ; Presidential suite view ; Lernacken Spa
Lernacken hotel Hotel Malmö Lernacken hotel Malmö

Design: Space Group
Team: Gary Bates, Gro Bonesmo, Adam Kurdahl, Grant Cooper, Wenche Andreassen, Fredrik Krogeide, Kasia Heijerman, Karsten Huitfeldt, Naofumi Namba and Tim Prins
Consultants: Atkins Global Malmö
Visualization: MIR Visuals

Project Description

Located on the Swedish side of the Øresund Bridge connecting Copenhagen, the 360 Hotel is destined to become an icon for the throng of visitors and commuters using the gateway. Perched directly on the coast, the hotel with a conference and spa centre will cover 22,000m2 and hold 250 rooms while the conference centre will be able to seat 900 visitors in the Congress Hall.

Lernacken hotel images / text from Space Group Arkitekter

Space Group Arkitekter are based in Oslo, Norway

Location: Lernacken, Malmö, Sweden

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