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Strauss Residence in Stuttgart

Contemporary Residence and Pool in Southwest Germany design by Alexander Brenner Architekten

13 Jun 2016

Strauss Residence, Stuttgart

Architect: Alexander Brenner Architekten

Location: Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Strauss Residence – Stuttgart Luxury House

Strauss Residence

The Strauss Residence is intended for three generations of the same family, and is located in immediate proximity to the R6 House, which was built 12 years earlier.

Strauss Residence

As opposed to this earlier solution, the new house is, however, accessed from the eastern side. The garages, which are accommodated in green structures clad with rough-sawn wood, are positioned in front of the house on the road side, so as to protect it.

Strauss Residence

Passing through a wide entrance gate next to it and following a curved, gently ascending ramp by car or on foot one reaches the piazza in front of the house. Both halves of this multi-generational house are accessed from this piazza.

Strauss Residence Strauss Residence

The southern part of the building’s basement is used as an office, whilst the two storeys above it are occupied by a family of four with two children. The smaller part of the house, which faces north, is reserved for the grandparents. Both parts of the house have an east-to-west orientation. Towards the rear of the plot, on the western side, is a garden for the family, which includes play areas for the children and a pool. This part of the garden is surrounded by wall panels and a garden loggia with an open fireplace to visually screen it from unwanted looks from the neighbourhood. In addition to its function as a multi-generational house, a sustainable construction was an important aspect of the design.

Strauss Residence

The energy demand is covered entirely by heat pumps. At the moment the house consists of two autonomous house-halves, which if required can be combined in parts or completely.

Strauss Residence

The entire building was created according to ecological standpoints and supplied almost exclusively with renewable energy. The heating energy is provided by air source heat pumps.

Strauss Residence

At extremely low temperatures these peaks are met with a low temperature gas boiler. Water is heated up by high performance solar collectors. This energy concept allows a primary energy demand as low as 28kW/m²a. All furniture, room fixtures and kitchens custom made, designed by the architect.

Strauss Residence

Strauss Residence

Strauss Residence in Stuttgart – Building Information

Plot size: 1.142 sqm
Living space: 458 sqm
Utility space: 180 sqm
Completion: 2009
Architect: Alexander Brenner Architekten

Strauss Residence

Photography: Zooey Braun, Stuttgart

Strauss Residence in Stuttgart images / information from Alexander Brenner Architekten

Alexander Brenner Architekten on e-architect

Location: Stuttgart, south west Germany, western Europe

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