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House am Oberen Berg in Stuttgart

Modern Residence with Pool in Southwest Germany design by Alexander Brenner Architekten

1 May 2019

Architect: Alexander Brenner Architekten

Location: Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg state, southwest Germany

House am Oberen Berg in Stuttgart

House am Oberen Berg

Photos by Zooey Braun

House am Oberen Berg

A house for life, behind protecting walls and with great openness towards the surrounding landscape – a generation villa „from which one never needs to move out again“, as the residents tell.

House am Oberen Berg

House am Oberen Berg

House am Oberen Berg

When approaching the building via the access road an in-depth layered picture is discernible. The northeast side of the house is an addition, a combination of white cubes. Each of them is recognizable as an individual structure when viewed from close up, but seen from a distance, they merge to form a unified whole.

House am Oberen Berg

House am Oberen Berg

As you enter the house from the north-east via the two-storey entrance hall, the floor-to-ceiling glazing facing southwest opens up onto the garden. One can look out over the pool in front of the house, and across the valley towards the hills opposite. In this entrance hall (as in the whole house), visitors are aware of an interplay of open and enclosed spaces stretching between transparent expanses of glass and protective walls.

House am Oberen Berg

This layout satisfies both the occupants’ need for security and, on the other hand, for openness and a connection with the surrounding natural landscape. If necessary, the house can be divided into units of varying sizes without major constructional work being required, thus offering its occupants maximum flexibility and permitting a suitable way of living for every lifestyle and family situation. This multi-generational villa is a new and sustainable reinterpretation of the old dream of a house that can grow and shrink within the same building shell.

House am Oberen Berg

House am Oberen Berg

The house’s southwest orientation, its generous glazing and the dark floors ensure maximum passive solar gains. A large-surface solar system on the roof and a geothermal heat pump complement the energy concept.

House am Oberen Berg

House am Oberen Berg

House am Oberen Berg – Building Information

Plot size: 4.876 sqm
Living space: 1.089 sqm
Utility space: 325 sqm
Completion: 2007
Architect: Alexander Brenner Architekte

House am Oberen Berg

House am Oberen Berg

House am Oberen Berg

House am Oberen Berg

Photography: Zooey Braun, Stuttgart

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Location: Robert-Bosch-Strasse, Oberer Berg, Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg state, southwest Germany, western Europe

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