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Zaragoza 2008 Expo Buildings, Spain

Spanish Expo : projects by various architects

30 Aug 2008

Zaragoza Expo Buildings


Until 14th September 2008 the first International Exposition to be organised according to the new model recognised by the Bureau International des Expositions (B.I.E.) is being held in Zaragoza.

Zaragoza 2008 Expo Buildings

Pabellón de España – Spain Pavilion, images received 30th August 2008:

Zaragoza Expo Building Pabellón de España Pabellón de España Zaragoza Pabellón de España Zaragoza

Spain Pavilion Zaragoza Zaragoza Expo Spain Pavilion Building Zaragoza Expo Spain Pavilion Zaragoza Expo Spanish Pavilion
Spanish Pavilion images : Javier Belver


The International Exposition is supported by solid principles and motives on international, national, regional and local levels. Spain’s development and stability, its consolidation as a world-class tourist destination and its experience in organising large-scale international events, such as the Olympic Games in Barcelona’92 or the Universal Exposition Sevilla’92 are worthy of mention.

Zaragoza Expo Building
March 2006

EXPO ZARAGOZA 2008 will take place between the expositions of Aichi 2005, ‘NATURE’S WISDOM’, and Shanghai 2010 ‘BETTER CITY, BETTER LIFE’, both organised by the B.I.E. Therefore, the 2008 exposition forms a bridge between the two, and its theme is in tune with theirs.

Zaragoza Expo Building
December 2007

The International Exposition site is located within the Ranillas Meander, to the west of the city of Zaragoza, surrounded by the banks of the River Ebro. The Meander is divided into two areas:
The Expo site, occupying the space between the southern part of the Rabal ring road and the Ebro River (left bank). It covers a total surface area of 25 hectares.
The Water Park, a newly created park covering a surface area of 120 hectares, located to the north of the Rabal ring road, along the banks of the Ebro. It will become the most important and best equipped open green space in the city and will be the metropolitan area within the Ranillas Meander. Within the park, there will be numerous play areas for children, bars and restaurants, a thermal spa, a police station, the building which is to be the headquarters of the UNO’s Secretariat for the International Water Decade 2005-2015, a pavilion for celebrations, several riverside beaches, natural and green areas, hotels, a horseriding centre, a pitch & putt course, a jetty, etc.


Zaragoza Expo Building

The Water Tower, which is 76 metres in height, is the most recognisable vertical element on the Expo site. This emblematic building, the work of architect Enrique de Teresa, stands out due to its huge glass structure and its special design in the form of a drop of water from above.
The body of the Tower is raised on two great interior columns which allow an open interior space and its structure is formed of a glass lattice framework with slats to protect against the sun. On the top floor there will be a large terrace which will serve as a vantage point. As its base, the Tower has a large plinth of 13 metres in height from which there is a walkway which serves as an entrance to the Expo site:
the Water Tower Gate. The total surface area of the building is over 21.000 m2 and the area which is accessible to visitors will be approximately 10.000 m2.


Zaragoza Expo Building

This will become the largest river aquarium in the world and will boast over 300 species of animal life from the rivers of the world in 50 tanks. The goal of the pavilion is to educate, to do research and to provide information.
The building offers the visitor a natural tour of five of the Planet’s greatest rivers. It shows the Nile, which flows from the northeast of Africa to the Mediterranean Sea through Uganda, the Sudan and Egypt; the Amazon, the great South American river which crosses Peru, Colombia and Brazil; the Mekong, one of Asia’s greatest rivers which crosses China, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam; the Darling, the longest river in Australia and the Ebro, the fastest flowing river in Spain.


Zaragoza Expo Building

With the theme ‘Aragon, a diversity of landscapes’, the Aragon Pavilion will reflect the mark that water has left on five different civilisations of Aragonese history over the last 2,000 years. The building is the work of Aragonese architects Olano and Mendo and takes its inspiration from the shapes of the region’s traditional basketwork. The Pavilion will become the headquarters for the Department of Education of the Aragonese Regional Government after Expo 2008.

Zaragoza Expo Building

The central part of the building rests on three pillars, 7 metres from the ground, and will contain the exhibitions. A large terrace will be placed on top of the great basket, which will offer unique views of the Expo site, the city of Zaragoza and the Ebro River. The space below the central structure will be used for shows which will complement the image of Aragon shown by the pavilion.

Zaragoza Expo 2008 Bridge by Zaha Hadid Architects
Zaragoza Expo Bridge
rendering courtesy of Zaha Hadid Architects

Mexican Pavilion Expo Zaragoza by Tatiana Bilbao
Mexican Pavilion Expo Zaragoza
photograph : Sandra Pereznieto / Claudia Aguilar

Zaragoza Buildings

Zaragoza Expo Pavilion

Location: Zaragoza, Spain

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