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Ílhavo House near Porto

28 Sep 2022

Architects: M2.senos_arquitetos

Location: Rua das Cancelas, Ílhavo, northern Portugal

Ílhavo House Porto Portugal

Photos: Ivo Tavares Studio

Ílhavo House, Portugal

All around Ílhavo House you can still feel the old farm fields, even though this is still a very urban design. The owners inherited the land from their grandparents and decided to build this house on it. A ground floor (or predominantly ground floor) house that accomplishes the family’s desires. The parcel, with little depth, extends slowly along the street, almost disappearing around the curve.

Ílhavo House Portugal

Ílhavo House Porto Portugal

The exercise was to accommodate the demanding deployment area, avoiding the proximity of the street and the neighbours. This imposed presence is not always easy to manage, without giving up the outdoor spaces. And so, the house leans against the neighbouring gable to the west and develops to the east side, with a regular shape, occupying the land within the legal maximum.

Ílhavo House Porto Portugal

The regular shape of the house dematerializes following the closing of the land, progressively retreating over the street, to the annexed volume (almost an endpoint), which gives it a dynamism, accentuated by the option of two floors in the central area.

Ílhavo House Portugal

Ílhavo House Portugal

To counterbalance the proximity to the street and neighbours, all the interior spaces move away from the façade, in order to create more intimate, protected “patios”, which translate into an ambiguous relationship in the exterior-interior dichotomy, reinforced by the existence of the shutters. In this way, sectioned ecosystems are created that erase any memory of life outside. Here, landscape architecture plays a fundamental role in creating natural, visually idyllic spaces, with native and sustainable trees and shrubs, which protect, provide shade, even scents, or simply gives an aromatic herb to improve the flavours of food at mealtimes.

Ílhavo House Portugal

The inner organization is quite rational. In the back is located the garage, with transversal communication and which allows interior access through a first section dedicated to the services (laundry and technical area). The entrance is at the centre of the house, protected from the street by the extension of the walls. The private area of the rooms has total autonomy from social spaces.

Ílhavo House Porto Portugal

The living room and kitchen are related to each other, although being independent spaces with distinct relations with the exterior. On the upper floor, we find the complementary programs, the gym and the office, which extend to the balconies.

The interiors are frugal, and the concrete ceilings and aluminium frames stand out, but it is undoubtedly Riga wood that brings comfort and detail to everyday life. On the outside, natural materials are preferred, such as granite or wood in the shutters, but it is the huge concrete slabs and the finishing of all the facades in cream-colored bituminous paste that bring a visual balance, a sober presence on the street.

Ílhavo House Portugal

Ílhavo House Portugal

Ílhavo House near Porto, Portugal – Building Information

Architecture Office: M2.senos_arquitetos – http://www.m2senos.com/en/
Main Architect: Ricardo Senos e Sofia Senos
E-mail: m2.senos@gmail.com e m2senospress@gmail.com
Facebook: m2.senos – arquitectos
Instagram: m2.senos

Location: Rua das Cancelas, Ílhavo,

Year of conclusion: 2021
Total area: 549 sqm

Constructor: Licínio Martins Lourenço, Lda Engenharia.
Engineering: Eng.º Amadeu Carvalho Paisagismo.
Team: Arq.º Paulo Palma

Ílhavo House Porto Portugal

Architectural photographer: Ivo Tavares Studio
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ivotavaresstudio
Instagram: www.instagram.com/ivotavaresstudio

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Location: Rua das Cancelas, Ílhavo, northern Portugal, southwestern Europe

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