Capela de São João Batista, Vila Nova de Paiva, Portugal

Designed by José Morgado the Capela de São João Batista project, Portugal, was born out of the desire and generosity of the people of the small village to build a temple dedicated to St John the Baptist. Its monolithic form of exposed concrete, torn by stereotomy and subtracted from the stylised form of the “house” shape, is intended to be the home of St John the Baptist

Muda House, Grândola, Portugal

Muda’s House is a family holiday home designed to be a meeting place for grandparents, parents and grandchildren in Grândola, Portugal. In the initial briefing, Vasco Lima Mayer’s clients proposed a very interesting organization of the spaces. The main one with a bedroom and a small living room for the grandparents, and two similar ones for their children and grandchildren, with two bedrooms each

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