FdP house Alto Alentejo, Portugal Property, Modern Portuguese Home, Architecture Design Photos

FdP house in Alto Alentejo, Portugal Property

2 February 2022

A stunning private new-build home with a sustainable core in the heart of rural Portugal has now been completed.

Design: Architect Gonçalo Bonniz

Location: Alto Alentejo, eastern Portugal

Beautiful vanguard house makes use of Kebony wood to complement Portuguese landscape

FdP house in Alto Alentejo, Portugal

Photos by Woodtarget

FdP house in Alto Alentejo by Architect Gonçalo

Designed by renowned native architect, Gonçalo Bonniz, the remarkable large-scale home forms a stunning new-build in Alentejo, Portugal

London, 2nd of February 2022 – Kebony, a global leader in the production of sustainable wood, is one of the defining features of the FdP house, remotely located in Alto Alentejo, Portugal and designed by the native architect Gonçalo Bonniz. With a vanguard design and clean, sleek lines, the house is fully integrated into Alentejo’s landscape, complementing the morphology of the land and its surroundings. This was achieved by using materials that blend with the native colours, in a perfect combination of concrete and Kebony Clear wood.

FdP house in Alto Alentejo, Portugal

“One of the main goals was having a house that dominates the landscape, with this project strongly inspired by its location. The morphology of the land, the solar orientation and stunning views all acted as guiding elements to the design.

FdP house in Alto Alentejo, Portugal

The preserved trees helped to carve the shape of the house and made it more integrated, and the natural colours were essential to the development of this project”, explains Gonçalo Bonniz. This chromatic integration “was a major factor in causing the natural blending of the house into this rural landscape, marked by the existence of multicoloured slate, grey and brown, concrete with grey pigment and Kebony Clear wood being used to make this chromatic connection.”

FdP house in Alto Alentejo, Portugal

Low-maintenance and sustainably-sourced, Kebony Clear has been applied to the façade, requiring no further surface treatment or maintenance. The wood is defined by a dark brown colour that, over time, will acquire a beautiful silver-grey patina when exposed to the elements, allowing it to blend together with the reinforced concrete used in the building.

Modern Portuguese home interior design

The colouring plays well with the other materials, which was just one of the reasons for choosing Kebony for the exteriors of this particular house. Its durability and stability are also noteworthy and especially important in an area of harsh climate, in addition to the controlled ageing and the fact that maintenance operations are unnecessary.

FdP house in Alto Alentejo, Portugal

Kebony Clear wood also has a strong presence in the interiors of the FdP house. In addition to its application on the exterior façade and deck, Kebony Clear was also chosen for a large part of the furniture in the house, including the kitchen area, as well as for the wardrobes and mobility areas, with doors of more than 3 meters tall. These complementary features produce a house of harmony that coexists with its stunning, natural, and remote location.

Modern Portuguese home design

All construction work of Kebony Clear was carried out by Matriz – Sociedade de Construções, Lda. In terms of the application of the wood, it is easy to handle and work with, resistant in nature, and soft to the touch, all the while producing a superior quality finish without adding any additional products.

New Portuguese residence wood cladding

“This versatile application of Kebony on façades, decks and furniture reflects the fact that it is a material with high durability and stability, but also that it is aesthetically very appealing, and sustainable. Without a doubt, the FdP house is already a reference for Kebony’s portfolio around the world,” comments Wood Engineer Mário Neves, Kebony’s representative in Portugal.

Modern Portuguese home kitchen interior design

Kebony, which integrates the Clear range, is a sustainable and high-quality wood, which is FSC® certified. It stands out due to its appealing appearance, hardness, stability and resistance, as well as its ease of maintenance, making it a perfect material for projects such as the Alentejo home.

Contemporary Portuguese property living room design

FdP house in Alto Alentejo, Portugal – Building Information

Architect: Gonçalo Bonniz

Contemporary Portuguese property kitchen dining

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Location: Alto Alentejo, Portugal, southwest Europe

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