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Disappearing car lift in Quinta da Marinha house

14 February 2022

Design: Enter Arquitectura

Location: Cascais coast, near Lisbon, Portugal

The disappearing car lift for the modern villa surrounded by nature

A special home for a Ford Mustang Mach 1:

Disappearing car lift in Quinta da Marinha villa

New building – Casa da Quinta da Marinha

Disappearing car lift in Quinta da Marinha villa, Portugal

Disappearing car lift in Quinta da Marinha villa

Along the Cascais coast, on the west side of Lisboa and inside the Sintra Natural Park, a wonderful modern villa set in the typical landscape of the Portuguese Riviera was developed: the Casa da Quinta da Marinha.

Disappearing car lift in Quinta da Marinha villa

The area, famous for its grand estates, palaces and luxury villas which gained Sintra a UNESCO World heritage designation, is one of the most expensive and exclusive real estate markets and is similarly known for its high standards of living, consistently ranking as one of the best places to live in Portugal.

Disappearing car lift in Quinta da Marinha villa

The villa, designed by Enter Arquitectura, was based on a logic of well-defined vertical planes that structure and organize the house’s interior spaces and which in turn release the two horizontal levels that extend to create a game of interior and exterior spaces.

Disappearing car lift in Quinta da Marinha villa

The materials and colours used were chosen to achieve perfect harmony with the surrounding environment. Similarly, the access to the underground garage was designed with the aim of minimising the visual impact, so the architects chose to install a disappearing car lift IP1-CM MOB by IdealPark.

Quinta da Marinha villa disappearing car lift

The car lift becomes an alternative solution to the ramp, combining functionality and aesthetics while preserving and dedicating all the outdoor space to gardens or courtyards.

Modern house in Cascais, Lisbon, Portugal

The lid of the lift is covered with the same material as the surrounding area, thus contributing to a completely invisible result. It is also driveable and can be used as an additional parking area.

Ford Mustang car:
Quinta da Marinha house disappearing car lift Ford Mustang

The installation of a video surveillance system and a virtual protection perimeter with photocells has made it possible to leave the space around the car lift free from unsightly fences.

Contemporary Quinta da Marinha house in Cascais, Lisbon, Portugal

Thanks to the IdealPark car lift the owner of the villa can park his classic car safely and comfortably in the underground garage.

Video of the project:
Film on YouTube

Quinta da Marinha House Lift in Cascais, Lisbon – Building Information

Project: Enter Arquitectura – www.enterbxl.com
Car lift: model IP1-CM MOB – www.idealpark.com
Car lift supplied and installed by: Ascensores do Oeste, IdealPark dealer in Portugal – www.ascensoresdooeste.pt

Quinta da Marinha home disappearing car lift Ford Mustang

Photo and video di: Nortfilmes – www.nortfilmes.pt

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Location: Cascais, Lisbon, Portugal, southwestern Europe

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