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Paris Building Developments

Current Architectural Designs in the French Capital

post updated 11 October 2021


Building Developments in Paris

Diriger aux Bâtiments de Paris

We’ve selected what we feel are the key examples of Paris Building Developments. e-architect cover completed buildings Parisian buildings plus new architecture designs.

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Parisian Building Developments

Paris Building Developments – latest additions to this page, arranged chronologically:

Fouquet’s Barrière Hotel – added
Design: Maison d’architecture Edouard François
Fouquet’s Barrière Hotel Building
photo © Paul Raftery
Fouquet’s Barrière Hotel – added 2 Oct 2012
A set of seven buildings including real and pastiche Haussmannian styles, as well as a building dating from the 1970’s, formed a nearly complete urban block in the Triangle d’or (the corner of the Champs-Elysées and the Avenue Georges V). The restaurant Le Fouquet’s is the flagship property of the Barrière company. The goal was to unify these disparate elements and to make it the next parisian “Palace”, thus establishing a strong new image.

Ecole Maternelle Paris
Design: Eva Samuel architecte urbaniste et associés
Ecole Maternelle Paris Building Developments
image © Gaston Bergeret
Ecole Maternelle Paris – 30 May 2012
In the Olympiades quarter, the reconstructed kindergarten stands out like a gleaming toy amidst the neighbouring towers and blocks. It is part of the re-evaluation of a dense, functional and mixed urban planning project built in the 1960s and 70s.

Paris Architectural Developments, alphabetical:

E6m bridge, Paris

Design: Studio Bednarski Architects

Ecole Bailly
The school complex of Bailly is situated on a changing territory and is located on the starting point of the reconstruction of the scale of the district. The school complex is aligned on the rue de Bailly like a “building wall” on one level which grows hollow and inflects to form the esplanade for the entrance.

Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture Paris Val de Seine
Design: Frédéric Borel Architecte

EDF Campus Saclay, south west Paris
Design: ecdm
EDF Campus Saclay Paris Building Developments
picture from architects studio
EDF Campus Saclay
The completion of a building in the planning project of Saclay Paris is a unique opportunity to be one of the markers of the future center of excellence established on the plateau. The uniqueness of the site, and it’s present and future characteristics, make it an interesting emerging area

Eiffel Tower, Rue de Champ de Mars, VIIe
Design: Gustave Eiffel
Eiffel Tower
photograph © Adrian Welch
Eiffel Tower History : most famous structure in Paris, heroic iron architecture
Inauguration of the tower occurred in 1889. The opening of the World Fair took place in 1889: the lifts of the tower were not yet ready. Between the 15th and the 21st of May, 29,922 persons climbed the 1,792 steps to the summit.

Eiffel Tower platform design
Design: Serero Architects
Eiffel Tower platform
picture from designer
Eiffel Tower platform
The design is based on a generative script, creating branches out of the primary structure of the tower. Inspired by the structural concept of Eiffel of three-dimensional cross bracing beams, the script unfolds along curved lines the “DNA” of the tower.

ENERGY +, office building, Hauts-de-Seine
Design: SOM Architects
ENERGY + building Paris Development
image : pmBdesign
Sustainable offices
Energy + is the world’s first large-scale, sustainable office building that produces more energy than it consumes. The 65,000 sqm (over 213,000 sqft) offers its 4,000 occupants a view of the Seine with offices and amenities designed to supersede current guidelines of sustainability.

The Flower Tower, avenue de France, ZAC Massena, Paris 13
Maison d’architecture Edouard François
Flower Tower Building Paris
photo from architects
The Flower Tower

Follies Poissy
Follies Poissy
image from AWP
Follies Poissy
Architecture in the ‘Parc des bords de Seine’

Fondation Cartier pour l’Art Contemporain / Cartier Foundation Paris, 261 boulevard Raspail
Jean Nouvel Architect with Emanuel Cattani et Associés
Fondation Cartier Paris Building Developments
image © Jean Nouvel ; photograph: Philippe Ruault
Cartier Foundation Paris
Intriguing building that plays games with layers of translucent screens to ask what is building and what is not? Existing mature trees on the site, south of the centre of Paris, are imaginatively integrated.

French Communist Party headquarters

Oscar Niemeyer

More Paris Building Developments online soon

Location: Paris, France, western Europe

Architecture in Paris

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Architecture no longer standing in the French Capital City

Pavilion L’Esprit Nouveau / L’Esprit Nouveau Pavilion
Design: Le Corbusier Architect

Building near Paris by Le Corbusier:
Villa Savoie – Parisian house

Paris buildings by Massimiliano Fuksas Architects

College Maximilien Perret, Alfortville, Paris, France
Ilot Cantagrel Refurbishment, Paris, France
|Dates built: 1999-2001

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