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Mercury Tower, Moscow

New Russian Tall Building in Capital City – by (designed by) Erick van Egeraat

27 Nov 2013

Mercury Tower World Fashion Club

Design: (designed by) Erick van Egeraat

Location: World Fashion Restaurant, Café & Club, Moscow, Russia

Erick van Egeraat designs World Fashion Club in Mercury Tower, Moscow

Dutch architect Erick van Egeraat has been assigned the design works for the World Fashion Restaurant, Café & Club, in the highest skyscraper of Europe.

World Fashion Restaurant, Café & Club is a cultural concept in metropolises where one can relax, work and get acquainted with actual fashion trends.

World Fashion Club in Mercury Tower, Moscow
image : (designed by) Erick van Egeraat.

The first floor of the Mercury City Tower will accommodate WF Café, and the second floor will be occupied by WF Restaurant & Club. Along with the restaurant, plans call for arrangement of an exclusive amphitheatre for holding defiles, fashion shows, concerts, performances and parties.

The business area will be particularly elaborated, so as to enable organization of business meetings, conferences and master classes.

Erick van Egeraat about the project: “The project «The World Fashion Restaurant, Café & Club» will undoubtedly establish the new standard as an exclusive and fashionable place for business meetings, festive occasions and entertaining events. The beat of MIBC Moscow-City will be felt here, making it the most fashionable and desirable place to visit in Moscow”.

Opening is expected in the second half of 2014.

Mercury Tower Fashion Club images / information from (designed by) Erick van Egeraat

15 Oct 2013

Mercury Tower in Moscow

Design: (designed by) Erick van Egeraat

Location: Moscow, Russia

Mercury Tower in Moscow wins European Property Award

Mercury Tower Moscow
photo © Egorkin Ilya

The annual European Property Awards have granted the ‘Best high rise Architecture in Russia’ prize to the Mercury Tower in Moscow City Central Business District. Mercury Tower is, since it took over from The Shard Building, currently the tallest high rise in Europe. Now in its final stages of construction, the Moscow skyscraper will offer luxury apartments, offices and a range of high-end retail as well as restaurants, clubs, health and fitness facilities. The design is characterized by a futuristic, stepped volumetric design that is remarkably slender. The tower is designed by the late Frank Williams and Mosproekt-2 and completed by (designed by) Erick van Egeraat.

Moscow skyscraper building
photo © Egorkin Ilya

Erick van Egeraat is the creative force behind the partial re-design of the top section of the tower, as well responsible for the tower’s interior design. After the Capital City Towers, the Mercury Tower is the second project in Moscow City by Erick van Egeraat to win an International Real Estate Award.

Mercury Tower Moscow Mercury Tower Moscow
renders © (designed by) Erick van Egeraat

Mercury Tower images / information from (designed by) Erick van Egeraat

Designed by Erick van Egeraat

According to wikipedia this Russian skyscraper building was jointly developed by the American architect Frank Williams and the Russian engineering team Mosproject-2 under the leadership of architect Mikhail Posokhin. After the death of Williams in 2010, the Russians asked celebrated Dutch architect Erick van Egeraat to succeed him and finish Williams’ work.

Architects: M.M. Posokhin ; Frank Williams and Associates ; G.L. Sirota

Location: Moscow International Business Center, Moscow, Russia

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