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Libyan Buildings : Architecture

Key Contemporary Architectural Developments in North Africa

post updated 12 March 2023

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Libyan Architecture

We select the key examples of Libyan Architecture. Buildings are mostly located on the Mediterranean coast in Tripoli, northern Libya. We cover completed buildings, new building designs, architectural exhibitions and architecture competitions across Libya. The focus is on contemporary Libyan buildings but information on traditional buildings is also welcome.

Historical architecture in Libya:

Arch of Marcus Aurelius: an Ancient Roman structure in Tripoli.

Cyrene: considered to be one of the most impressive Greco-Roman sites in the world.

Ghadames: ancient covered city and oasis, which was once a regional power and an important trading hub on the North African caravan routes.

Leptis Magna: once one of the most important African cities of the Roman Empire and is now an impressive archaeological site.

Sabratha: picturesque ancient city on Libya’s coast, Sabratha contains some excellent Roman ruins.

Libyan Building News

Architecture News – latest additions to this page, arranged chronologically:

Central bank of Libya architectural competition, Tripoli
Central Bank of Libya Architecture Competition Design Competition
image from organisers
Libya Architecture Competition
One-stage, international architectural competition for the new building of the Central bank of Libya (named as CBL), limited to the invited participants. The purpose of the competition is to choose the best design of the submitted entries. The winning design entry will act as a concept design for further design works. The winning team may be asked by the CBL to provide complete design works leading to the completion of the whole investment (building permit design, detailed design and others). The detailed scope of works and the contract sum will be a subject to negotiations with the author(s) of the winning entry.

Tripoli Congress Center Building, north west Libya
Design: Tabanlıoğlu Architects
Tripoli Congress Center Libya Architecture
image from architect
Tripoli Congress Center Building
Following the economic revival, an intensive urban and architectural movement began in Libya; new innovative and prestigious buildings in Tripoli started to signify the development, power and contemporary style.

Libya Architecture

Major Libya Architecture Projects, alphabetical:

7th of October University – new campus, Bani Walid, east of Tripoli, north west Libya
Design: RMJM Architects
Bani Walid building - new Libya Architecture
image from architect firm
Bani Walid building

Libyan Universities, west + southwest Libya
Design: BDP
Libyan University architecture
picture from architects office
Libyan University architecture

Media and Cultural City, Tripoli
Design: Astudio
Libyan Building
picture from architects practice
Libyan Building : MIPIM/Architectural Review “Big Urban Project” Award 2008

Museum of Conflict Tripoli
Design: Metropolitan Workshop
Museum of Conflict Tripoli
picture from architecture studio
Museum of Conflict Tripoli

Zliten campus – new branch of Al Asmariya University, 120km southeast of Tripoli
Design: RMJM Architects
Al Asmariya University building
picture from RMJM Architects

More Libyan Buildings online soon

Libya Architecture Designs – No Images

Major Libya Architecture Designs, no images, alphabetical:

Al Asmariya university – new campus, Zliten, Misratah District, northwestern Libya
Design: RMJM

Government Building, Tripoli, northwest Libya
Design: Buro Happold + Léon Wohlhage Wernik
Libya Architecture competition winner

Housing project, Tripoli
Design: VBM Architecten

More Libyan Architecture Designs online soon

Tripoli Buildings

Location: Libya, North Africa

African Architecture

Cyrene Declaration Libya
Design: Foster + Partners
Cyrene Declaration
image : Foster + Partners
Cyrene Declaration

Developments in countries near Libya

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Cyrene Declaration Libya – architects: Foster + Partners

Buildings / photos for the Libyan Architecture page welcome