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Kuramure Hotel Otaru, Japan

Contemporary Japanese Accommodation Architecture Information – design by Nakayama Architects

20 Aug 2008

Kuramure Hotel

Location: Otaru

Date built: 2002

Design: Nakayama Architects

bar ; facade ; spa
Kuramure Hotel Otaru Kuramure Hotel Kuramure Hotel Otaru

This is a traditional Japanese style hotel (Ryokan) in the city of Otaru. Its land area is 10,000sqm with its hotels built on the road side and on the other side of the land, it is surrounded by rivers and hills.

The elevation difference of the land is 2.5m and this is an area where hot springs can be found.

The total layout and volume of the architectures were reexamined many times. They are segmented according to each factor and their volumes were lessened as much as possible.

lobby ; external view
Kuramure Hotel Otaru Kuramure Hotel Otaru

The eight building are connected with passageways and halls. This was based on an image of an old Ryokan in Kyoto which has undergone many remodeling and expansion.

It is modern style architecture but a Japanese sense of beauty was focused and its taste is expressed within the architecture. Instead of using expensive materials, I have persisted on using materials that are inexpensive but become tasteful with age.

guest room-1 ; guest room-2
Kuramure Hotel Otaru Kuramure Hotel Otaru

Considering carefully the essence of space, in other words, the materials, light, and the balancing of dimensions has most influence on this architecture.

cafe ; tea-ceremony room
Kuramure Hotel Otaru Kuramure Hotel Otaru

Kuramure Hotel Japan images / information from Office of Nakayama Architects 2008

Nakayama Architects


Location: Kuramure Hotel, Otaru, Japan, East Asia

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