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Hideyuki Nakayama – Key Projects

Featured Building by Nakayama Nawa:

O House, Kyoto, Japan
Date built: 2009
Area: 59.71 sqm
According to the architecture studio there was no intention to bring the exterior into the interior. However, there was a desire to provide a depth to the extent of life produced within the cityscape, site ground and the house. The architect imagined that the residents of the house would transform the property into a living space or a cityscape, through the daily lives of the family of four fully.

The inside is a curved Horizon-like space, where the portion of the staircase, the thin steel-frame floor, and the equally lined fittings are scattered around without displaying a sense of distance to each other. The relationship among those elements can be visible only after the residents reside and move around, along with the furniture placed at certain locations and drops shadow of each. The gable side of the house shows the doll-house conditions, open and visible from the adjacent street.

House, Matsumoto, Nagano, Japan
Date built: 2007

More architecture design projects by this Shinjuku-ku architecture studio online soon

Location: Tokyo, Japan, eastern Asia

Shinjuku-ku Architects Practice Information

Architecture studio based in Daikyocho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan

4F,1-25-12 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, TOKYO 151-0051, JAPAN
TEL +81-(0)3-6804-6613 FAX +81-(0)3-6804-6614

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Hideyuki Nakayama, Kenji Nawa, Japanese Architect

Website: www.hideyukinakayama.com

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Contemporary Architecture in Japan – architectural selection below:

Ninja Black Kyoto Hotel, centre of Kyoto
Architect: Eastern Design Office
Hotel Ninja Black in Kyoto City - Japanese architecture news
photography : Koichi Torimura, Jeffrey Friedl, Takashi Inaizumi
Hotel Ninja Black in Kyoto City
The site is located in just west of the Kyoto Imperial Palace. The area is populated with houses, small shops, apartment buildings, and hotels.

Australia House, Niigata Prefecture
Design: Andrew Burns Architecture
Australia House in Niigata Prefecture - Japanese architecture news
photography : Brett Boardman
Australia House, Niigata Prefecture
Set in the ‘snow country’ of Niigata Prefecture Japan, Andrew Burns Architecture has completed a gallery, studio and atelier, creating a setting for production and exhibition of work by Australian artists in collaboration with local community.

Contemporary Residence in Muko, Kyoto
Design: Fujiwara Architects
House in Muko, Kyoto
photo : Yano Toshiyuki
Kyoto Residence

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