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Istanbul Building Developments

Key Architecture Designs in Turkey – Built Environment

post updated 2 October 2021


Building Developments in Istanbul

We’ve selected what we feel are the key examples of Istanbul Building Developments. We cover completed Istanbul buildings, new building designs and architecture competitions across Turkey. The focus is on contemporary Istanbul buildings but information on traditional buildings is also welcome.

We have 3 pages of Istanbul Architecture selections.

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Istanbul Architecture Walking Tours
Kanyon Istanbul Building Developments
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Istanbul Architecture Developments

Buildings Developments in Istanbul, alphabetical:

Regnum Tower
Park Associati
Regnum Tower Istanbul Building Developments
picture from architects
Regnum Tower : Turkish Architecture Competition – Jun 2008 : 2nd place
This skyscraper building is to be a new landmark for the eastern side of Istanbul. The 145m high building consists of 36 floors, 9 of which are allocated for offices and the remainder for residential.

Sakip Sabanci Museum Concert Hall
Nevzat Sayin, NSMH
Istanbul Concert Hall Architecture
photo : Cemal Emden, NSMH
SSM Concert Hall Istanbul
The Bosphorus in Istanbul, which expresses most sharply the divide between Asia and Europe, is one of the places that must be preserved unchanged with the boats both large and small that go through it and the fabric that surrounds it. In fact, its surroundings should be slightly weeded out, thinned down, cleaned up.

Santral Istanbul Contemporary Art Museum, Istanbul
EAA-Emre Arolat Architects / Nevzat Sayn (NSMH)
Santralistanbul Museum of Contemporary Arts Istanbul Building Developments
picture from architects
Santral Istanbul Contemporary Art Museum
The first power plant of the Ottoman Empire was built at the point where the Golden Horn ends. Its construction began in 1910 and the plant was in operation until 1984. Construction continued until the last boiler room was built in 1957. After the power plant’s operation was terminated in 1984, it was left to its fate. In 2004, it was taken up by Istanbul Bilgi University as a social responsibility project.

Sapphire – Levent Tower, central Istanbul
Tabanlioglu Architects
Istanbul Sapphire
image from Tabanlioglu
Istanbul Sapphire – 261m high, building for Biskon Construction
Turkish skyscraper architecture. Facilities: restaurants; cinemas; stores; residential
mini golf course at 187m high, swimming pool at 60m high

Swiss Consulate
Tuncer Cakmakli Architects
Swiss Consulate Turkey Istanbul Building Developments
picture from architects
Swiss Consulate Turkey
All of the areas are designed in an integrity from the entrance point. Surfaces are designed for places by researching details and handcrafts. Beside that cultural heritage of Swiss-relation between its nature and Turkey, reflected in the materials used in the design.

Varyap Shopping Living Center, Ataşehir
EAA-Emre Arolat Architects
Varyap Shopping Center Istanbul Building Developments
image from architects
Varyap Shopping Living Center
With the architectural design the integration of the building with the urban environment has been aimed and breaking the paries, allowing the pedestrian circulation to continue inside and the middle of the building, evenmore on the green cover designed as an inclined platform, placing a part of nature, an interior landscape in the center, even if it is also man-made, instead of a stimulative fiction have been proposed.

Yesil Vadi Mosque
Adnan Kazmaoglu MAM ARC
Yesil Vadi Mosque Building
photograph : Engin Gercek
Yesil Vadi Mosque Building
The unity of existence as a single entity constitutes the essence of Islamic thinking. Existence only changes form; everything in the universe is the reflection of it. Unity can denote a combination of all the parts, elements and individuals into an effective whole.

Zorlu Center
EAA-Emre Arolat & Tabanlioglu Architects
Zorlu Center Istanbul Building Developments
picture from architects
Zorlu Center
The Zorlu Center site is just at the junction of the Bosphorus Bridge European connection and the glamorous Büyükdere axis that connects the city center with the great business district Maslak. It is reached from various important centers of Istanbul and moreover, topographically is one of the few plain sites that face south, with the old city view. With all these significant qualities, it has been a “subject of desire” and was owned by the Zorlu Property through a tender, being watched by all levels of the public.

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