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post updated 2 October 2021


Buildings in Israel

e-architect select what we feel are the key examples of Israeli Buildings. We cover completed buildings, new building designs, architectural exhibitions and architecture competitions across Israel. Our focus is on contemporary Israeli buildings.

We have 2 pages of Israel Architecture selections.

Israeli Architecture : news + key projects

Israeli Buildings : A-Z (this page)

Israel Buildings

Major Israeli Building Designs – recent additions to this page, arranged chronologically:

Yad Va’Shem Holocaust Museum, Jerusalem – new photos
Design: Safdie Architects
Yad Va'Shem Holocaust Museum Israeli Buildings
photograph © Adrian Welch
Yad Va’Shem Holocaust Museum – 13 May 2013
The rebuilding of the Yad Va’Shem Holocaust Museum includes a new visitors’ center (Mevoah), a new history museum replacing the existing museum constructed in 1953, a Hall of Names, a synagogue, galleries for Holocaust art, an exhibitions pavilion and a learning and visual center. In addition, new underground parking and facilities for tour buses are located adjacent to a new entrance piazza.

Be’er Sheva Buildings, southern Israel – architecture review by e-architect editor Adrian Welch
Be'er Sheva Walkway
photograph © Adrian Welch
Be’er Sheva Buildings – 13 May 2013
Photos + information on low-rise housing, a megastructure and a university campus all located in the arid landscape of the Negev Desert.

Museum + Archive – Jabotinsky Center
Design: Chyutin Architects
Jabotinsky Center Israeli Buildings
image from architects
Jabotinsky Center, Ramat-Gan
The building will be erected on a triangular plot with roads on either side of it and its apex pointing to an intersection. The base of the triangle faces a public space to be shared by two other public buildings whose function has as yet not been decided.

Gassul House, Tivon, north Israel
Design: SO architecture
Gassul House Israel
picture from architect
Gassul House – near Haifa
The geometry and openings in this building were created while mainly aiming the beautiful landscape of the Carmel Mountain and the will to preserves the existing trees. The north elevation that faces the landscape is largely opened to the view.

Haifa Court House Building, north Israel
Design: Chyutin Architects
Haifa Court Building
photograph from architect
Haifa Court Building
Haifa is the main northern city of Israel, situated on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea, on the slopes of Mount Carmel. The building site is located at Haifa’s downtown area, between two roads that define its boundary.

Peace Peres House, Jaffa, central Israel
Design: Massimiliano & Doriana Fuksas Architects
Peace Peres House Jaffa
image : Archivio Fuksas
Peace Peres House Jaffa
This building is a parallelepiped. Obtained by irregularly shaped glass and concrete layers standing on a monolithic base: at one end of the building is the entrance to the car park, at the other the pedestrians entrance.

Major Israeli Architecture Developments, alphabetical:

Ashkelon Dance & Music Center Building
Design: Manuelle Gautrand Architecture
Ashkelon Dance & Music Center Israeli Buildings
picture © Manuelle Gautrand Architecture
Ashkelon Music and Dance Center

Barber shop, Rehovot, central Israel
Design: Lior Vaknin + Sabi Aroch
Israeli interior
image from architect
Rehovot building

B&B Italia Showroom, Tel Aviv, western Israel
Architects: Pitsou Kedem
Tel Aviv Showroom Building
picture : Amit Geron
B&B Italia Showroom Israel

Beit Halochem Rehabilitation Center,
Beer Sheva, southern Israel
Design: Kimmel Eshkolot Architects, Israel
Israel Veterans' Home
image from architect
Beit Halochem Rehabilitation Center

Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design – New Campus, Jerusalem
Design: SANAA with Nir Kutz Architects
Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design Israeli Buildings
image from BAAD
Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design

BGU University Entrance Square & Art Gallery, southern Israel
Chyutin Architects
BGU University Building
picture from architect
BGU University Art Gallery

Design Museum Holon, Tel Aviv
Design: Ron Arad
Design Museum Holon Israeli Buildings
image © DMH
Design Museum Holon

Fashion & Art Graduate School, Tel Aviv
Chyutin Architects
Fashion & Art Graduate School Israel
image from architects studio
Fashion & Art Graduate School Tel Aviv

Felicja Blumenthal Music Center and Library, Bialik Square, Tel Aviv
Design: Nili Portugali Architect
Felicja Blumenthal Music Center and Library
picture from architects firm
Felicja Blumenthal Auditorium

Haifa University Student Center Building, north Israel
Chyutin Architects
Haifa University Student Center Israeli Buildings
photograph : Amit Giron
Haifa University Student Center

House N, Even Yehuda
Sharon Neuman & Oded Stern-Meiraz
House N Even Yehuda, Israeli property
picture from architects
House Even Yehuda

Israel Museum, Jerusalem
Design: various architects
Israel Museum Building
photo : Cecilia Koren
Israel Museum

Jerusalem District Courthouse, central Israel
Design: Chyutin Architects
Jerusalem Court House Building
picture from architecture practice
Jerusalem Courthouse

Jerusalem Light Rail Bridge, eastern Israel
Santiago Calatrava
Jerusalem Light Rail Bridge
photograph © Adrian Welch

King George Towers, Jerusalem
Design: Baer, Shifman-Nathan Architects
King George Towers Jerusalem
image from architects
King George Towers

Leggenda Ice Cream and Yogurt, Ishay
SO Architecture
Israeli ice cream shop
photograph : Asaf Oren
Leggenda Ice Cream, Ramat

Maimonides Central Sepharadi Synagogue Building proposal
Nili Portugali architect
Israeli Synagogue Design
image from architect
Maimonides Synagogue, Hadera

Monument to the Negev Brigade, Negev Desert, southern Israel
Design: Dani Karavan
Negev Brigade Memorial
photograph © Adrian Welch
Monument to the Negev Brigade

The Museum of Tolerance – Design proposal
Chyutin Architects
Museum of Tolerance Jerusalem Israeli Buildings
image from architects
The Museum of Tolerance

Observation tower on “Armon Hanatziv” walkway in Jerusalem
Design: Nir Ben Natan Architect
Observation Tower Jerusalem
image from architects
Observation Tower Jerusalem

One out of four, Gedera, central Israel
Design : Lior Vaknin + Sabi Aroch
One Out of Four Israeli Buildings
photo : Felix Spivack
One Out of Four Building

The Polonsky Academy, eastern Israel
Design: Chyutin Architects
Van-Leer Institute Building
render : Chyutin Architects
The Polonsky Academy

Rosso Restaurant, Ramat Ishay
SO Architecture
Restaurant Israel
photograph : Asaf Oren
Rosso restaurant Israel

Rothschild Tower, Tel Aviv, western Israel
Richard Meier & Partners Architects
Rothschild Tower Israel
rendering: DBOX
Rothschild Tower

Solar Flower Tower
Haim Dotan
Solar Flower Tower Israeli Buildings
picture from architect studio
Solar Flower Tower

Tel Aviv House
Chyutin Architects
Tel Aviv House
photograph from architect
Tel Aviv House

Tel Aviv Museum of Art Extension, Tel Aviv, western Israel
Tel Aviv Museum of Art
photo © Amit Geron
Tel Aviv Museum of Art

Theodore Café Bistro
SO Architecture
Café Bistro Israel architecture
photograph : Asaf Oren
Theodore Café Bistro

Umm el-Fahem Museum Contemporary Art Design proposal
SO Architecture
Museum for Contemporary Art Israel
image from architects
Umm el-Fahem Museum Building

University Senate Center Beer-Sheva, southern Israel
Chyutin Architects
University Senate Center Beer-Sheva BGU University Be'er Sheva Building
photograph : Ardon Bar Hama
University Senate Center Beer-Sheva

Yad Le’Banim buildings, Ramat Yishay – Architecture Competition entry
Design: Talmon Biran Architecture Studio
Yad Le’Banim buildings
picture from architects
Israel Architecture Competition entry

Yehiam Memorial, Kibbutz Yechiam, north of Israel
SO Architecture
Yehiam Memorial Israel
photo : Asaf Oren, SO Architecture
Yehiam Memorial

Israeli Buildings – No Images

Bauhaus Museum, 21 Bialik Street, White City, Tel Aviv, central Israel
orig 1920’s; 2008
Founder / curator : Daniella Luxembourg

Foreign Ministry of Israel Building
Diamond and Schmitt

Museum of Tolerance Building, Jerusalem

Museum of Tolerance

National Campus for the Archaeology of Israel, Jerusalem
Moshe Safdie Architects

Petah Tikvah Footbridge, Petah Tikvah, Tel Aviv
Santiago Calatrava

Schocken Villa, Jerusalem
Erich Mendelsohn

Design: Preston Scott Cohen
The Wohl Centre, Ramat-Gan, Tel Aviv
Studio Daniel Libeskind with The Heder Partnership
RIBA Awards : RIBA International Awards 2006

Yitzak Rabin Centre for Israeli Studies, Tel Aviv
Moshe Safdie

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‘Jerusalem: The Future of the Past’ (1989)

Moshe Safdie Branch Offices: Jerusalem, Israel 1970-

White City, Tel Aviv
Dates built: 1930s
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