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Rosso Restaurant, Israel : Ramat Yishay Architecture

Israel building interior – design by SO architecture

1 Jan 2009

Restaurant Design Israel

Location: Ramat Yishay, Israel

Design: SO architecture

Rosso restaurant Rosso restaurant Ramat Yishay Rosso restaurant Israel
photographs : Asaf Oren

Restaurant in Ramat Yishay

The Rosso restaurant is situated in Ramat Yishay, a town in the valley of Yezre-el in the Northern part if Israel.

The beautiful scenery of the Northern part of Israel, with its landscapes of green and red fields, covering the low hills, is a popular tourist attraction, inviting visitors to excursions, with quiet fields, and inviting places to rest in the shadow of oak trees.

Rosso restaurant Ramat Yishay Rosso restaurant

The brief seeks to enlarge the existing restaurant space (also designed by SO Architecture) into a back room with proportion of five to two that should allow the arrangement of intimate functions and parties, as well as being integrated as part of the restaurant.

Rosso restaurant Ramat Yishay restaurant
photographs : Asaf Oren

The green hill around the place influenced the design of the place. The planning seeks to explore – How to give to the restaurant space the feeling of its surrounding. The design checks in what manner could it produce an atmosphere, or feeling, of being outside while sitting inside. The designers checked in depth on how to give the diner a feeling of an agreeable space that on the one hand embarrasses, and on the other let it feel airy.

Ramat Yishay design
photo : Hayuta Dubnov

The atmosphere in the restaurant is pleasant. The furrowed fields, which are framed by the strip of windows, find its continuation in the ceiling, and embrace the diner as if by the foliage of trees, with the furrows flowing to the horizon.
The walls are covered in softly textured upholstery – dark gray near to the view, and a light gray at the interior walls – to enlarge the feeling of space. The ceiling is built of thirty-six steel contoured structures, and covered by painted wood. The chairs and the wide windows are decorated in plant motives to enforce the connection with the surrounding scenery. When night falls, the lighting, which is between the ceiling beams, forms a warm and somewhat mysterious, atmosphere.

Rosso restaurant Rosso restaurant Rosso restaurant

Rosso Restaurant Israel – Building Information

Team: Shachar Lulav, Oded Rozenkier Eran Mebel
Location: ramat Ishay – Israel
Date: 2007
Floor area: 60 m²

Rosso restaurant images / information from SO architecture 010109

so architecture

Location: Ramat Yishai, Israel

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Restaurant Interior

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