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Stacked Dwelling in Maharashtra

1 Apr 2022

Architecture: DIG Architects

Location: Maharashtra, Mumbai, India

Stacked Dwelling Maharashtra Mumbai


Stacked Dwelling, Maharashtra Mumbai

Stacked Dwelling is a weekend house in Igatpuri, standing on a compact 360 sq m linear plot. The narrative unfolds against the majestic backdrop of the Sahyadris. The name is derived from the organisational strategy which orchestrates the interior spaces as two small houses placed on a platform, albeit cohesive in design vocabulary.

Stacked Dwelling Maharashtra Mumbai

The home is oriented along the north-south axis, allowing shading through the day. The entrance is marked by a Nilgiri tree. A pool lies on the east; a patio to the west, the latter shielded from direct view by the staff quarters. The ‘stacked’ concept is intensified through chromatic shifts on the elevation — the dark grey grounding the form; the whiteness adding buoyancy; and the yellow weaving in vibrancy and adding an architectural expression to the form.

Stacked Dwelling Maharashtra

What were the key challenges?
The narrative of Stacked Dwelling unfolds against the majestic backdrop of the Sahyadris. The brief was to design a 3-bed weekend home standing on a compact and linear 360-sqm plot.

Stacked Dwelling Maharashtra

The challenge was to create a dwelling which had to be compact but also offer spaces for a variety of experiences — from personal solitude to social congregation.

Stacked Dwelling Maharashtra

Stacked Dwelling isn’t an outcome of grand design strategies or lavish materiality. On the contrary, as the name suggests, the design is derived from ‘stacking of spaces and volumes’. This not only drives the organisational idea, but also responds to the challenges of context and program to create a perfect gateway to repose.

Stacked Dwelling Maharashtra Mumbai

The spatial strategy orchestrates a series of open, semi open and enclosed spaces that keep the experience from slipping into ennui. This is amplified by single and double-height volumes that create pockets for tête-à-têtes and congregation, solitude and socializing. Through all this, the connection to the outside remains steadfast, making the surrounding context and even the backdrop of the Sahyadris a part of internal experience.

Stacked Dwelling Maharashtra Stacked Dwelling Maharashtra Mumbai

The formal strategy orchestrates the ‘stacking’ of two small houses with pocket terraces on a platform. The stacked concept is intensified by alternating the orientation of the house/pocket terrace and chromatic shifts on the elevation. While the dark grey grounds the form and the whiteness adds buoyancy, the yellow infuses vibrancy in the overall architectural expression.

Stacked Dwelling Maharashtra Mumbai

Stacked Dwelling in Maharashtra, India – Building Information

Architecture & Interior Designers: DIG Architects –

Project size: 2500 ft2
Site size: 3770 ft2
Completion date: 2021
Building levels: 1

Stacked Dwelling Maharashtra

Photography: PHXINDIA

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Location: Maharashtra, Mumbai, India, South Asia

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