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Post updated 16 May 2024

Greek Architecture Designs – chronological list

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28 March 2024
Anatolia College, Thessaloniki, Macedonia, northern Greece – on the Aegean Sea
Design: Bennetts Associates
Anatolia College in Thessaloniki, Macedonia campus
image : Grant Associates
Anatolia College in Thessaloniki, Macedonia campus
Bennetts Associates has been appointed to reimagine the campus of Anatolia College in Thessaloniki. The practice was selected through a rigorous process from a final shortlist with UNStudio and NADAA and an original longlist including Foster + Partners, BIG and Gensler.

28 March 2024
Ellinikon Commercial Hub, Metropolitan Pole of Hellinikon, Athens
Architects: Aedas
Ellinikon Commercial Hub Athens Greece
image courtesy of architects practice
Ellinikon Commercial Hub, Athens

5 October 2023
Viglostasi Residence, Syros
Design: Block722
Viglostasi Residence, Syros, Greece
photo : Ana Santl
Viglostasi Residence, Syros, Greece

28 Aug 2023
Re-mining Giali: a new scenario for the manufactured landscape, Giali, Thessaloniki
Design: Dimitrios Mitsimponas
Re-mining Giali Concept Thessaloniki
image courtesy of architects practice
Re-mining Giali Concept in Thessaloniki
This imaginative Greek architectural project proposes a new scenario for Giali island’s manufactured landscape which has been irreparably altered by mining, causing many environmental and social effects. It explores the relation between energy production infrastructure and recreational facilities to reclaim the mine and create a new revenue stream for the local communities.

18 Jan 2023
Villa Caeli, Prinos bay, Island of Thassos
Design: Ark4Lab of Architecture
Villa Caeli Island of Thassos Greece
photo : Nikos Vavdinoudis
Villa Caeli, Island of Thassos

3 Jan 2023
Dream House, Kifisia, Athens
Design: Kipseli Architects
Dream House Kifisia Greece
photo : Dimitris Kleanthis
Dream House, Kifisia

3 Jan 2023
“The Hill”, northern foothills of Mount Thryptis, eastern Crete, Southern Greece
Design: Block722
The Hill Residence on Crete, Greece
photo : Ana Santl
The Hill Residence on Crete

3 July 2022
Arched Residences, Oia, island of Thira, northernmost island of the Greek Cyclades archipelago in the Aegean Sea
Design: iraisynn attinom studio
Arched Residences Santorini Island Greece
photo : Iraisynn Attinom
Arched Residences, Santorini Island
Arched Residences are four autonomous summer houses were designed by architectural studio, iraisynn attinom, for a rocky plot in the area of Oia, on the island of Thira (Santorini) in Greece.

25 Apr 2022
Paros Villa, Paros, South Aegean
Design: Studio Seilern Architects
Paros Villa South Aegean Greece
photo : Louisa Nikolaidou
Paros Villa, South Aegean

14 Jun 2021
KHI House, Methoni, southern Peloponnese
Design: LASSA
House in Methoni, southern Peloponnese

13 Jan 2021
Shedia Home Restaurant, Athens
Design: Potiropoulos + Partners
Shedia Home Restaurant Athens
photograph : Yiorgis Yerolymbos
Shedia Home
Rather than being concerned with achieving a certain aesthetic, the creative process behind the new space for the ‘Shedia’ street magazine was instead focused on its ability to serve as a fascinating socio-cultural catalyst.

29 July 2020
Two Summer Houses in Andros, northern Greek Cyclades archipelago
Design: Praxitelis Kondylis Architects
Summer Houses in Andros, Greek Cyclades
image from architecture office
Summer Houses in Andros
Nestled among Andros‘ wild mountains, fecund valleys and waterfalls, this complex consists of two detached houses covering around 600m2 in land of 9200m2.

12 June 2020
Τhe Wave – Residential Building, Glifada, south Athens
Architects: Potiropoulos+Partners
Greek Architecture News Τhe Wave Residential Building
image from architecture office
Τhe Wave – Residential Building
“The Wave” residential building is adjacent to the Glyfada Golf Club from the east. The design process envisioned two interconnected volumes within one continuous structure parallel to the property’s longer side, in direct conversation with the natural characteristics of Place and the view.

19 Feb 2020
Vacation Houses Complex Porto Heli
Architects: Potiropoulos+Partners
Vacation Houses Complex in Porto Heli, Greece
image from architect office
Vacation Houses Complex in Porto Heli
The architectural practice POTIROPOULOS+PARTNERS was awarded the “Winner: prize of the German Design Awards 2020 in the “Architecture” category for the project “Active Materiality – Vacation Houses Complex in Porto Heli”.

MEDS Workshop, Spetses Island

MEDS Spetses 2019, 26 July till 12 August.

The participant call is from 1 March 2019 to 31 March 2019.

MEDS Workshop is going to take place this year for its 10th edition in Greece, on Spetses Island with the theme “MEMNISO”; which in ancient Greek means “to remember”.

MEDS Workshop Spetses Island Greece

The idea of the workshop is to bring traditional professions together with contemporary crafts and design by exploring new capabilities and learning techniques from expert local craftsmen. The goals of the workshop are to not only learning from the locals but also exchanging knowledge and sharing skills.

MEDS Workshop Spetses Island 2019 - Greek architecture news

So if you are a graphic, product, industrial, or interior designer, architect, photographer or an artist, it’s your time to participate as a participant at MEDS Workshop. You will get the chance to learn more about the traditional crafts from professionals in the fields, mentors but also you will learn from tutors how to recreate a traditional to contemporary.
You will be able to attend lectures and talks related to different fields of design.

Most important, your project will be permanently exhibited or used for the community.

For more information about the application process, you can visit the website or you can follow us on our Facebook and Instagram accounts:

MEDS Workshop Greece 2019 event

MEDS workshop “Meetings of Design Students” is an international workshop that takes part each summer in a different country, focusing on various issues, themes, topics and settings that will help any designer expand their expertise. It is a chance to get in touch with diverse approaches to design, different building techniques, traditions, and skills. MEDS workshop is both practical and educational because it focuses not only on crea-tive theoretical designs, but actually compels participants to execute these designs during the 2-week span of the workshop.

Past workshops have taken place at Turkey, Slovenia, Portugal, Ireland, Serbia, Romania, Belgium, and Lebanon.

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Greek Architecture News 2017

31 Oct 2017
Residence in Crete
Design: tense architecture network
Residence in Crete - Greek architecture news
phtotograph : Petros Perakis
Residence in Crete

24 Oct 2017
waterways – The 100 Palm Tree Urban Square, North Rhodes, Southern Greece
Design: MOB architects
100 Palm Trees Square in Rhodes, Greece
image Courtesy architecture office
100 Palm Trees Square Rhodes
WAF 2017nomination in the “Future Projects \ Civic” Category
The project is a design competition entry. The architecture competition called for redesigning the“100 Palm Trees Square” in the northern part of the city of Rhodes. The square was originally designed between the years 1936-1941 and is surrounded by hotels and a museum.

22 Jul 2017
Mykonos Villa Renewal, Cyclades group in the Aegean Sea
Design: Galal Mahmoud, GM Architects with Greek architect Andreas Vassilaros
Mykonos Villa pool design in the Cyclades |
image Courtesy architecture office
Mykonos Villa

7 Mar 2017
Grecotel Eva Palace 5-star Luxury Hotel in Corfu Island, Ionian Sea
Design: Studio Liakos and Associates Architects
Grecotel Eva Palace Luxury Hotel In Corfu Island
image from lighting designers
Grecotel Eva Palace Luxury Hotel In Corfu Island
The challenge of this project was to create a resort combining the local construction detailing and style with the requirements of a modern building, while taking into consideration its gorgeous natural setting. With this in mind, great care was taken in locating its entrance, its roads and its buildings so that this first class resort could offer its customers amazing views of the peninsula.

15 Dec 2016
Cups Nine, Trikala, northwestern Thessaly, central Greece
Design: Normless_architecture studio & workplace
Cups Nine in Trikala - Greek architecture news
photograph : Spathis Kostas
Cups Nine in Trikala
A new Cups Nine shop opened its doors, this time as a Cafe & Patisserie store. Right in the heart of the school district and opposite of one of the most popular city’s squares, the new Cups Nine comes to shake up the city for one more time and reintroduce the street coffee shops.

14 Dec 2016
Apartment with a Back Yard, Trikala
Design: Normless_architecture studio & workplace
Apartment with a Back Yard
photograph : George Sfakianakis
Apartment in Trikala

24 Nov 2016
White Boxes Resort
Architects: Potiropoulos+Partners
White Boxes Resort - Greek architecture news
3D Visualization : Batis 3D Design Studio
White Boxes Resort on Mykonos Island
The suggested design constitutes a spatial narrative of the attributes of this particular place. The dialogue between the proposal and the natural landscape of the area, as well as with the living memory of the tradition, outline the main design principles.

11 Nov 2016
Mirage Villa on Tinos, Kalavrita, Cyclades archipelago, Aegean Sea
Design: Kois Associated Architects
Mirage Villa - Greek architecture news
image Courtesy architecture office
New Villa on Tinos, Greece

30 Oct 2016
Hotel Relux on Ios Island, Cyclades, Aegean Sea
Design: A31 Architecture
Hotel Relux on Ios Island
image from architect
Hotel Relux on Ios Island, Greece
Sometime during the mid 1980s, Blue Bay Hotel Ios** was built in a 3900sqm plot at the Port of Ios island -overlooking Sikinos – without being renovated or reconstructed for more than two decades.

12 Jul 2016
Myconian Ambassador Resort, Mykonos, Cyclades, Aegean Sea
Design: GM Architects
Myconian Ambassador Resort
image courtesy of architects
Myconian Ambassador Resort by GM Architects
This luxury hotel is one of a number of such top-end establishments in the Cyclades group of Greek islands. Its construction in 1979 was overseen by George Daktylides, and was the first hotel in the Myconian hotel collection.

1 Jun 2016
Atrium Villas, Skiathos, Sporades archipelago
Design: hhh architects
Atrium Villas Greek architecture news
image Courtesy architecture office
Villas in Skiathos

2 Jun 2016
The Architect’s Villas, Mani, Peloponnese
Design: hhh architects
Peloponnese Villas in Mani - Greek architecture news
image Courtesy architecture office
Peloponnese Villas in Mani

19 May 2016
Delos Museum, Delos,
Design: Jean Pierre HEIM and Carolyn HEIM architects
Delos Museum Building - Greek architecture news
image Courtesy architects office
Delos Museum in Greece
From Mythological sibling Apollo and Artemis the new DELOS, will be designed as a symmetrical aspect value due to the equilateral mythic triangle of the DELTA: symbol of Delos.

9 May 2014
Museum for Argo Volos
Design: Tense Architecture Network
Museum For Argo - Greek building news
image Courtesy architecture office
Museum for Argo in Greece
Tense Architecture Network has won the 2nd prize (shared) in the European competition for the new Museum of the Mythical Ship Argo for the city of Volos in Greece. The mythical Argo in a Museum: a defined space, simple but concise, distinct but symbolic, intelligible but mystagogical, where the mythical ship constitutes the center of attention, the main exhibit, the point of reference.

15 Jan 2014
The Kapetas Villa, Sparta, Southern Greece
Design: Petros N. Zouzoulas, Architects
Sparta Villa - Greek architecture news
image Courtesy architecture office
Sparta Villa

7 Aug 2013
Art Warehouse, Boeotia
Design: A31 Architecture
Art Warehouse Greece
photo : Yiannis Hadjiaslanis
Art Warehouse in Greece
The Artist’s warehouse is a monolithic Modern structure. Its orthogonal plan is divided into 3 zones: Firstly, the cantilever with the balcony in the South, where the entrance is situated, secondly, the artist’s workspace and finally the attic in the North which serves as a storage space. A straight staircase connects the two levels, while the cantilevered concrete steps can serve as exhibition stands for the artist’s work.

13 Feb 2013
Barbouni Beach Restaurant, Navarino Dunes Hotel, Costa Navarino, Messinia
Design: K-STUDIO
Barbouni Beach Restaurant - Greek architecture news
photograph © Yiorgos Kordakis
Barbouni Beach Restaurant
Barbouni is a beach restaurant of approximately 300sqm area. The architects were asked to create a contemporary refuge from the strong sun and wind, protected from the winter waves. The structure needed to be in harmony with the sea-front location and make the most of the views of the horizon and sunset.

1 Sep 2011
Cocoon Costa Navarino, Messinia, southwest Peloponnese
Design: polyanna paraskeva & associates
Costa Navarino building - Greek architecture news
image Courtesy architecture office
Cocoon Building, Costa Navarino
The Cocoon is inspired by the memory of the cocoon, as the space that carries life, with soft shapes that surround, contain and protect life. Fluid forms and carved underground spaces with green roofs surround a basin, from which organic forms emerge.

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Grace Santorini Hotel
Design: Divercity & Mplusm
Grace Santorini Hotel - Greek architecture news
photo : Erieta Attali
Grace Santorini Hotel in Greece

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