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Ecuador Architecture Designs – chronological list

Ecuador Building News

Ecuador Architectural News, chronological:

17 July 2023
Quinta Alegria, Puembo
Architects: Najas Arquitectos
Quinta Alegria Part 1 Puembo Ecuador
photo : Bicubik
Quinta Alegria Part 1, Puembo
Located in the picturesque Puembo Valley, to the east of the vibrant city of Quito, we were commissioned to develop a collection of 9 residences designed for a group of families who longed for a contemporary lifestyle in a countryside setting. Each house is unique and tailored to the characteristics of its respective lot, blending modern architecture with the natural beauty of the surroundings.

Interlace House, Puembo
Interlace House, Puembo

4 May 2023
Qondesa, Quito, Pichincha
Architecture: MAD Architects
Qondesa Tower Quito Ecuador
image © Plomp
Qondesa Tower, Quito
Quito, a city of coexisting contrasts influenced by its diverse ecosystems, ethnicities and traditions, is the capital of Ecuador and a UNESCO world heritage site, which features the best-preserved and least altered historic center in South America. MAD Architects, led by Ma Yansong, has revealed its first mix-use project Qondesa – soon to be Quito’s tallest building.

Mezze House #2, Pichincha
Mezze House #2, Pichincha

23 Mar 2023
Concrete House, Pichincha
Architecture: A1 Arquitectura Avanzada
Concrete House Pichincha Ecuador
photo : Simple Light
Concrete House, Pichincha
The Concrete House project is developed from the conformation of 2 independent programmatic elements. Between them an empty space is generated whose main function is to transmit specific sensory perceptions of tension, attraction and step.

1 Mar 2023
El Alambique, Quito, Pichincha
Architecture: Najas Arquitectos
Alambique House Quito Ecuador property
photo : Sebastian Crespo
Alambique House, Quito, Ecuador property
Nestled between the Chiche and Guambí rivers in the Puembo region near Quito lies El Alambique – a house that’s as stunning as it is functional. The site’s sloped conditions posed a unique challenge: how to create a 70% first-floor program while preserving a flat internal garden that fluidly connected to indoor and outdoor activities.

17 Jan 2023
Vertigo House, Quito, Pichincha
Architecture: Najas Arquitectos
Vertigo House Quito Ecuador
photo : Bicubik Photography
Vertigo House, Quito
Vertigo House is a great example of a project which arises from physical limitations and could only be the result of its unique site and the client’s willingness to invest in a parcel which was considered useless for its steep slope.

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Ecuador Architecture News 2022

Ecuador Architecture News in 2022

7 December 2022
IQON, Quito
Design: BIG
IQON Quito, Ecuador mixed-use building
photo : BICUBIK
IQON Quito mixed-use building
Traditionally a city of dense low-rise buildings, the skyline of Quito was re-imagined following the relocation of the city-center airport over a decade ago. With the skyline able to grow upwards, Uribe Schwarzkopf hired BIG in 2017 to design IQON – a 390,000 sq ft mixed-use residential building, including 215 residences, commercial units, office spaces, and a variety of amenities.

30 May 2022
The Hills, Guayaquil – Puerto Santa Ana
Architecture: MVRDV
The Hills Apartment Towers Guayaquil Ecuador
render © MVRDV
The Hills Apartment Towers, Guayaquil
MVRDV has revealed the design for The Hills, the firm’s first project in South America. Designed for Quito-based developer Uribe Schwarzkopf, the project is located on the Guayas riverfront in Guayaquil, Ecuador.

24 Feb 2022
Magnolia House, Arrayanas
Architecture: Estudio Felipe Escudero
Magnolia House Arrayanas Ecuador
photos : Haley Lee & Saul Endara
New House in Arrayanas
Modernism famous motto “a house is a machine for living in” takes on different meanings as we move from the machine age into the digital one. What makes a house special is that you are designing a specific lifestyle for a specific person in a specific time and place.

11 Dec 2020
Aquarela Apartments, Quito
Architecture: Espinoza Carvajal Arquitectos
Aquarela Apartments Quito
image © Ateliers Jean Nouvel. Associated architect
Aquarela Apartments,Quito
Jean Nouvel and Uribe Schwarzkopf unveil first phase of Aquarela, an innovative new residential development in Quito, Ecuador. First phase of the striking new building project opens a suite of extraordinary amenities, from an ice-skating rink to a bowling alley to a music room and more.

post updated 14 Nov 2020
Casa Los Chillos, Valle de los Chillos, Cuenca Canton
Design: Diez + Muller Arquitectos
Casa Los Chillos Ecuador
photo : Sebastían Crespo Camacho
Casa Los Chillos Ecuador Residence
The design of this house in Valle de los Chillos arises from previous research and understanding of the regional architecture of the Ecuadorian highlands, and how it engages with a modern system through understanding the place, tectonics and space of each, creating a tension between the two systems.

12 Nov 2020
UEPM Classrooms, Quito

2 Jun 2020
EPN University Library, Quito
Design: Ordonez Arquitectos
EPN University Library Quito Ecuador architecture news
visualization : SOMA studio
EPN University Library
The building stands out through the precise use of geometry, expressing an exo-structure formed by a diamond pattern in the skin. Sequential double-height spaces of the reading areas flow along a strip of glass expressed on the pattern.

9 May 2019
House AO, Otavalo
Architecture: Studio Alfa
House AO in Otavalo - Ecuador Architecture News
photograph : Bicubik
House AO in Otavalo
This modern Otavalo property is located within a context where landscape is one of the core conditioning factors for its design. The client requested that the main spaces take part of the best views; the architectonic response was to propose spatiality where the user, the architecture, and the setting would dialogue.

2 May 2019
EPIQ Building, Quito
Architecture: BIG
Epiq Building in Quito - Ecuador Building News
image courtesy of architects office
EPIQ Building in Quito
BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group architectural design “inspired by Natural Beauty, Diversity, and Community of the City”.

1 Apr 2019
Machala Hospital, Machala, El Oro Province
Architects: PMMT architecture studio
Machala Hospital in El Oro Province Ecuador Architecture News
photograph © Bicubik
Machala Hospital Building in El Oro province
Described by this architectural office as a paradigm Of “fluid hospital”, A New Typology Of Radically Flexible, Adaptable And Extendible Healthcare Buildings

Ecuador Architecture News 2010 – 2018

8 Nov 2018
Casa Tacuri, Nayón, Quito
Architecture: Gabriel Rivera Arquitectos
Casa Tacuri in Quito
photograph : BICUBIK Photography
New House in Nayón, Quito
Tacuri is a place located in the Nayón area of the city of Quito. It is a fascinating place due to its microclimate, flora, fauna and exceptional view of the Cumbayá Valley.

31 Oct 2018
Casa Ortega, Sangolquí, Ecuador
Architects: Estudio A0
Casa Ortega in Sangolqui - Ecuador Architecture News
photograph : Sebastián Crespo
Casa Ortega in Sangolquí
The commission was clear: a home with two pavilions, one for Raúl and his latent family, another one for his parents. Two houses in one: independent and interdependent.

20 Aug 2018
Pan-American Architecture Biennial in Quito 2018 Competition, Ecuador, South America
Social Habitat and Development Competition
image Courtesy architecture office
Bienal Panamericana de Arquitectura de Quito

5 Jan 2018
Diffuse Borders Residence, Tumbaco, Quito
Design: arquitectura x
Diffuse Borders Residence - Ecuador Architecture News
photo : Bicubik, Sebastián Crespo, Andrés Fernández
Diffuse Borders Residence in Quito
This project became a house in the process, its actual configuration decided during construction, its final purpose still undecided. Uncertainty and vagueness become the strategies and the tools for constructing a series of spaces which solve the family´s needs, based on two fixed requirements: a field for playing football and a barbeque for entertaining.

10 May 2017
PD House, Club Los Arrayanes, Puembo
Design: Gabriel Rivera Arquitecto
PD House - Ecuador Architecture News
photo : Arq. Gabriel Rivera
House in Puembo
Located in Los Arrayanes Club, in Puembo, PD House is a composition of habitable walls and volumes, which gathered under the light, create architecture. The irregular shaped lot with a 1 400 m2 area, provides the rear border with a magnificent view towards a golf course.

9 May 2017
Puerto Cayo House, Puerto Cayo, Manabí
Design: Gabriel Rivera Arquitecto
Puerto Cayo House - Ecuador Property News
photo : Sebastián Crespo
Puerto Cayo House in Manabí
The Puerto Cayo House, is a project where time passes slowly and life is enjoyed at its best. A place that invites us to meet again with our essence and leads us to understand that we are part of a whole, part of nature, part of the universe.

16 Dec 2016
Gaia Building, Avenue Eloy Alfaro y Mariana de Jesús, Quito
Design: Leppanen + Anker architects
Gaia Building in Quito
photograph : Sebastián Crespo
Gaia Building in Quito
This is a crisp 14 story, 15,000 sqm mixed-use building: commercial on the lower floor, offices for the next four floors and residential units on the next nine floors.

12 Nov 2016
Cotacachi Residence, Imbabura
Design: arquitectura x
Cotacachi Residence in Imbabura - Ecuador Architecture News
photograph : Sebastian Crespo
Cotacachi House
A retreat amid the northern Andes in a small town, two hours north of Quito, an orchard site in a valley 2470 meters above sea level, between the Imbabura and Cotacachi mountains, to the east and west respectively. The couple required a design proposal in 4 days before going home, or they will sell the site.

5 Feb 2016
Quitowers, Quito
Design: Chapman Taylor, Architects
Quitowers Ecuador Architecture News
image Courtesy architecture office
Quitowers in Quito
Quitowers is a new residential tower project in Quito, the capital city of Ecuador. At 2,850 metres (9,350 ft) above sea level, Quito is the highest official Capital city in the world.

23 May 2014
Casa Los Chillos, Valle de los Chillos, Cuenca Canton
Design: Diez + Muller Arquitectos
Casa Los Chillos Ecuador Architectural News
photograph : Sebastian Crespo
Casa Los Chillos
The design of this house arises from previous research and understanding of the regional architecture of the Ecuadorian highlands, and how it engages with a modern system through understanding the place, tectonics and space of each, creating a tension between the two systems.

17 Jan 2011
Plus House, Puerto Cayo
Design: WE architecture
Plus House, Ecuador property design
image from architect
Plus House Ecuador
The house is formed at a plus or a cross, where one of the boxes is placed perpendicular on the coast line, following the terrain down the slope and the other is places along the same high of the hill crossing the other box in the middle.

17 Jan 2011
Triangular House, Puerto Cayo
Design: WE architecture
Triangular House Ecuador property design
picture from architects
Triangular House Ecuador
The generous climate and beautiful surroundings of Puerto Cayo represents a unique possibility of developing a future settlement which will attract residents from not only Ecuador but other countries as well.

17 Apr 2008
House in a tree garden, Quito
Design: Arquitectura X
Casa Arboles, Ecuador House
photograph : Sebastian Crespo
Quito Trees House
Designed for a young couple with three small children, the house is located within a tree garden full of a diversity of local species of considering age and size distributed over a very generous area; the site was cared for by the couple for several years before deciding to build.

17 Apr 2008
Observatory House, Quito
Design: Arquitectura X
Casa Observatorio, Quito, Ecuador
image : Sebastian Crespo
Casa Observatorio

17 Apr 2008
Casa 3, near Quito
Design: Arquitectura X
Casa 3, Ecuador house
picture : Sebastian Crespo
Quito House 3
Located on a valley to the east of Quito, the area enjoys a temperate climate all year round and is a privileged setting due to its proximity to the local mountain ranges. The built context consists mainly of colonial style houses with a total disregard for the local topography, landscape or climate.

17 Apr 2008
Castillo Hermanos Hardware Store, Quito
Design: Arquitectura X
Ecuador Hardware Store, Quito building
picture : Sebastian Crespo
Quito Hardware
The client decided to build a structure (for the first time) designed specifically for its large storage, offices and sales requirements. A site was chosen, located at the south end of the city on the main access route to Quito, in an area that is chaotically consolidating with multiple uses.

15 Apr 2008
X House, Tumbaco Valley, Quito
Design: Arquitectura X
New home in the Tumbaco Valley, Quito, Ecuador Architecture News
photo : Sebastian Crespo
Ecuador House
When the architects started to design their own house, not having a site, they set out an elemental scheme that could work both in Quito and the valleys east of the city; this meant distilling their experience into an abstracted form, that could be placed in any likely site.

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