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Quito Hardware Store : Architecture

Contemporary Building in Ecuador, South America – design by Arquitectura X

17 Apr 2008

Castillo Hermanos Hardware Store

Location: Quito, Ecuador

Date built: 2005

Design: Arquitectura X

Ecuador Hardware Store, Quito building

After the success of the reforms done to their main store in 2002, the company decided to build a structure that, for the first time, was designed specifically for its large storage, offices and sales requirements. A site was chosen, located at the south end of the city on the main access route to Quito, in an area that is chaotically consolidating with multiple uses.

Ecuador Hardware Store, Quito building

The project is defined by the location of the storage space and the truck access and car parking, trying to minimize the footprint of the building, opening up the space at the front and side of the lot offering an alternative to the dense front occupation and urban decay of the district.

Ecuador Hardware Store, Quito building

The structural design and choice of materials strive to take the weight off the building, since it had to occupy a high percentage of the lot, by means of a cantilevered structure and by using different degrees of transparency, during the day to control sunlight, and at night to appear like a large display case or a lantern that attract the attention of passers by to the store.

Ecuador Hardware Store Ecuador Hardware Store Ecuador Hardware Store Ecuador Hardware Store

arquitectura x – Adrian Moreno Núñez, María Samaniego Ponce

Structural Design: Diego Robalino

Project: 2004
Construction: 2004-05

Photographs: Sebastián Crespo

Castillo Hermanos Hardware Store Quito images / information from Arquitectura X

Location:Quito ‘

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