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Nordic Built Challenge Architecture Competition – entry by FORA + Beth Hughes


PROPOSAL FORA + Beth Hughes Intro

Ellebo housing estate is a built manifesto of the modern ideal – collective housing blocks with shared facilities assembled around a large communal space, a flexible model that still offers a valid base for a new beginning.

Ellebo housing estate Design
image : Tudor Vasiliu

16 Apr 2013

Nordic Built Challenge Architecture Competition Entries

A refurbishment in the 1990´s altered the technical performance of the building and was the first step towards improving the spatial qualities of the dwellings. The introduction of closed balconies extended the living spaces but also separated the residents further from the outside. This cut explains the gap between the private and the collective realm. The renovation presents the opportunity to mend this rift, and reintroduce the communal and outdoor space as a fundamental quality of the place.

The ambition of the intervention is to amplify, enhance and build upon the underlying qualities of the existing scheme. The strategy relies on three principles: density, outing, community. By combining these elements, the project aims not only at improving the physical qualities of the Ellebo estate, but also plays an active role in bringing the community closer together.


The addition of new typologies to the existing blocks is an opportunity to positively increase the programmatic complexity of the housing estate. This new type offers different spatial quality from the existing, and can mutate to accommodate different uses over time. At the core of the penthouses is a convertible courtyard that brings natural light inside, also functioning as an active sustainable element.

Nordic Built Challenge Architecture Competition Design Nordic Built Challenge Architecture Competition Design
images : Tudor Vasiliu


The key challenge is to improve the spatial quality of the existing dwellings without changing the interior layout. A new layer of exterior space is added to the existing buildings: each flat is provided with a generous new balcony protected by a glass facade, sheltering it from the elements: a semi-exterior condition is generated, allowing for the space to be used most of the year – a collective winter garden that extends the private realm to the exterior. A mosaic of diversity becomes the new facade of the building, a communal space animated by the neighbours.


The central green – a vast area of valuable open space – has enormous potential as a community resource that is currently not utilised to its full potential. A collective program is injected into the inner plot: sports fields, children playgrounds and sitting areas. Through a participative process, surrounding the community facilities, the existing green field is divided into allotments/community gardens – the ground becomes a projection of the building’s façades.

Beth Hughes

16 Apr 2013

Nordic Built Challenge Architecture Competition – entry by Space Group

Space Group finalist in Nordic Built Challenge international competition



Space Group is one of four finalists of 26 entries in the international competition Nordic Built Challenge for Postgirobygget, an extension of an existing high-rise building in Oslo.

Nordic Built Challenge Competition Entry Nordic Built Challenge Architecture Competition Design
images : Tegmark

Nordic Built Challenge aims to identify good ideas for how buildings can be transformed in a sustainable, innovative and cost-effective manner. Space Group has teamed up with BollingerGrohmann + Florian Kosche AS and AJL Engineers.

The selected projects will now move on to phase two, where the proposals will be developed together with the client, Entra Eiendom AS. The final winner will be selected in September.

Space Group video presentation:
Nordic Built Challenge Architecture Competition Film on YouTube

Nordic Built Challenge Architecture Competition Entry images / information from Space Group

Space Group

Nordic Built Challenge Architecture Competition : contest information

URBAN MOUNTAIN team wins Nordic Built Challenge Design in Norway
Design: schmidt hammer lassen architects, LOOP Architects, COWI Denmark and Norway, Transsolar Energitechnik, Vugge til Vugge Denmark
URBAN MOUNTAIN Nordic Built Challenge Competition Design
image from architects

Location: Scandinavia, northern Europe

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