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2013 Nordic Built Challenge Architecture Competition News

Nordic Built Challenge Architecture Competition, Scandinavia

8 Feb 2013 – deadline for proposals for stage 1 of the Challenge
Jun 2013 – deadline for proposals for stage 2 of the Challenge

The 5 architecture competitions are all arranged in two stages. Stage one is an open design competition with anonymous evaluation.

The second stage will feature the four best entries from stage one in a negotiated project development phase with team composition requirements. A winner will then be announced for each design competition.

The total pool of prize money is NOK 20 x 300.000 in stage one. The winners of the five architecture competitions will receive the opportunity to realise the projects and be evaluated for the overall Nordic Built Challenge Award and a prize of NOK 1.000.000.

The Nordic Built Challenge is a module in the Nordic Built programme, a Nordic initiative to accelerate the development of sustainable building concepts. Nordic Built is founded on the Nordic Built Charter, which defines the ambitions and strongholds of the Nordic building sector, and provides a sustainable platform for future building. Through the Challenge, the principles of the Charter will come alive. Read more about Nordic Built and the Nordic Built Charter:

The challenge comprises five individual architecture competitions – one in each Nordic country. The assignment is to demonstrate the principles of the Nordic Built Charter by refurbishing existing buildings in innovative and sustainable ways, while ensuring financial and practical viability. The five buildings selected for the competition:

Sweden: Apartment building, Botkyrka
4.748 m2, built 1973

Norway: Office building, Oslo
50.609 m2, built 1975

Denmark: Apartment building, Ballerup
20.000m2, built 1963

Finland: Office building, Tampere
16.276 m2, built 1980

Iceland: Mixed industrial/commercial
building, Reykjavik, 7.000 m2, built 1980

URBAN MOUNTAIN team wins Nordic Built Challenge Design in Norway
Design: schmidt hammer lassen architects, LOOP Architects, COWI Denmark and Norway, Transsolar Energitechnik, Vugge til Vugge Denmark
URBAN MOUNTAIN Nordic Built Challenge Competition Design
image from architects

Nordic Built Challenge Competition – entries for this international architecture contest
Nordic Built Challenge Competition Design
image : Tegmark

Location: Scandinavia, northern Europe

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