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Monchengladbach Masterplan, Nordrhein-Westfalen

Master Plan in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany design by Grimshaw Architects, London

12 Mar 2012

Monchengladbach Competition, Germany

Location: Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany

Design: Grimshaw / Konrath & Wennemar / FSWLA

Grimshaw has won a competition to develop a masterplan for the centre of the German city of Monchengladbach

Monchengladbach Competition News

Grimshaw, in association with local project partners Konrath & Wennemar and FSWLA were selected though an international competitive process to develop a masterplan strategy for the city centre area of Mönchengladbach, Germany.

The competition for the masterplan was created by MG 3.0 Masterplan Mönchengladbach, an association of local, ambitious and innovative businessmen and entrepreneurs who see considerable need to promote the urban development of the city. Through close collaborative working with the citizens of Mönchengladbach, the aim is to produce a strategy to optimise the quality of life, improve the economy and the appearance of the inner-city areas.

Monchengladbach Competition Masterplan Germany
image from Grimshaw, architects

This polycentric city known for its traditional association with the textile industry was formed when two historically separate cities of Rheydt and Mönchengladbach, merged in the 1970s. Following initial research it became clear that there is increasing disparity between the two centres, which is further exacerbated by physical connections that require fundamental improvement.

The Grimshaw team was appointed in October 2011 and has been carrying out key background analysis and consultation to develop a vision. The aim is to shape a city with ‘two hearts that beat together’ acknowledging the different identities and functions of each centre, whilst ensuring that they function as a comprehensive whole.

Monchengladbach Competition Masterplan Monchengladbach Competition Masterplan
images from Grimshaw, architects

To achieve this complex task, Grimshaw and its partners have introduced a visionary masterplan strategy for Mönchengladbach based on a ‘Charter for Urban Life’. The strategy is driven not only with a focus on the urban fabric of the city with its structure and movement networks, but also draws on the economic, social and cultural context of the city and its people.

On 23rd November 2011, Sir Nicholas Grimshaw and other members of the team launched the public consultation into the masterplan with MG 3.0. The event was well received and the team has been collating valuable feedback since. The consultation runs throughout the project and is scheduled to be completed in 2012. It will take place as a series of workshops, events and via a website to ensure that the revitalisation of Mönchengladbach will be a wholly collaborative effort.

Monchengladbach Masterplan – Background Information

Further details about MG 3.0, the Mönchengladbach masterplan and the public consultation can be found at

Mönchengladbach is in the North Rhine-Westphalia region of Germany, close to the Dutch border and with a population of around 270,000. Recognised as the “German Manchester”, the area once grew with the rise of the textile industry but in recent decades has been subject to industrial decline.

Grimshaw was founded by Sir Nicholas Grimshaw in 1980. The practice became a Partnership in 2007 and operates worldwide with offices in New York, London, Melbourne and Sydney employing over 250 staff. Grimshaw’s international portfolio covers all major sectors, and has been honoured with over 150 international design awards including the prestigious Lubetkin Prize. The company has extensive experience in the planning, development, design and construction of urban projects throughout the world. Our broad range of project types and locations has allowed us to develop a unique overview of development strategies and their implementation.

Konrath & Wennemar was founded in 2000 by Oliver Konrath and Harald Wennemar. With an office of 10 staff and an international portfolio Konrath and Wennemar have a broad experience, ranging from architecture to town planning, specialising in residential buildings.

FSWLA were formed as Bödecker, Boyer, Wagenfeld and Partners in 1971. Now with an office of over 20 staff, FSWLA are one of the big names in German Landscape Architecture and have over 1,500 contemporary projects to their name.

Monchengladbach Competition images / information from Grimshaw


Location: Mönchengladbach, Germany, western Europe

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