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Contemporary Properties in South America – New Homes photos

post updated 18 March 2024

Chile Architecture Design – chronological list – latest buildings

We’ve selected what we feel are the key examples of Chile Houses. We aim to include buildings that are either of top quality or interesting, or ideally both.

We cover completed residential buildings, new building designs, architectural exhibitions and architecture competitions across Chile.

Chile Properties

New Chile Properties – latest additions to this page, arranged chronologically:

15 March 2024
Casa 2 Lago Colico, Araucanía Region, southern Chile
Architects: Claro + Westendarp Arquitectos
Casa 2 Lago Colico Araucanía Chile
photo : Claro + Westendarp Arquitectos
Casa 2 Lago Colico, Araucanía, Chile
On a steep plot, in the middle of a forest and with direct access to the wonderful Lake Colico, in the southern parts of Chile, 3 houses are planned with different requirements and shapes, but maintaining a similar concept and materiality, to achieve harmony between them and with the nature that surrounds them.

27 February 2024
ROSA Pabellón in Santa Lucia Alto, Yungay, Chile, Santa Lucia Alto, Yungay
Architect: Pezo von Ellrichshausen (Mauricio Pezo & Sofia von Ellrichshausen)
ROSA Pabellón, Santa Lucia Alto, Yungay, Chile
photo © Pezo von Ellrichshausen
ROSA Pavilion in Santa Lucia Alto, Yungay
In its humble dimensions, this shelter occupies the only geographical inflection on the course of a harsh mountain river. Standing alone at the top of a small hillrock, there rests a platform with a slender column at its center.

22 Mar 2023
3×3 Retreat, Puerto Varas, Los Lagos, southern Chile
Architects: Estudio Diagonal Architects
3x3 Retreat La Unión City South Chile
photo : Nico Saieh
3×3 Retreat, La Unión City, South Chile
The tension between radical geometry and forest organic shapes shows the first architectural picture when you see the 3×3 Retreat. Highlights house and landscape enhancing natural beauty.

17 Mar 2023
Ridge House, Puerto Varas, Los Lagos
Architects: Estudio Diagonal Architects
Ridge House Los Lagos Chile
photo : Nico Saieh
Ridge House, Los Lagos
Ridge House is looking for new ways to traditional barn-house is one of the most common exercises in contemporary architecture practice, and even one of the most applied in the south of Chile. It takes massive attention in the last internal migration, due to the pandemic of covid-19, which open the door to work from home so a lot of people from big cities, like Santiago the capital, migrate south for a better life.

Chile Houses 2016 – 2020

Chile Houses – Latest Designs + Additions 2016 to 2020

18 Mar 2020
Casa El Arrayán, Lo Barnechea, Santiago de Chile
Architects: Oficina Bravo
Casa el Arrayan Lo Barnechea Santiago
photograph : Nico Saieh
Casa El Arrayán in Lo Barnechea, Santiago
On an elongated terrain and with a steep slope towards the Mapocho River, the property proposal resolves the relationship with the nearby neighbors and with the mountain range through two different strategies.

7 Oct 2019
MM Apartment Building, Santiago de Chile
Design: SML Arquitectos
MM Apartment Building Santiago
photograph : Felipe Fontecilla
MM Apartment Building in Santiago
This new residential property project is located on an important avenue of Santiago de Chile. The site has undergone intense densification over the last few decades. A ‘mid-raised’ building consisting of 33 apartments over a commercial block, is proposed for this site of 1823 sqm.

1 Oct 2019
Lyon 1633 Apartment Building, Cerro San Luis, Santiago de Chile
Design: SML Arquitectos
Lyon 1633 Apartment Building Santiago
photo : Felipe Fontecilla
Lyon 1633 Apartment Building in Santiago
This residential design is located on 1200 sqm site, which has a rather narrow front to the public space, but it is long enough to allow the design of a residential project.

29 Sep 2019
Seis Apartment Building, Santiago
Seis Apartment Building in Santiago

1 May 2018
House H
Architect: Felipe Assadi Arquitectos
House H in Zapallar Chile
photograph : Fernando Alda
House H in Zapallar
This new home is formed from a reinforced concrete structure composed of a succession of longitudinal and transverse beams that work together to generate a single structural piece.

11 Mar 2017
Pergola Pavilion, Lo Barnechea, Santiago
Design: PAR Arquitectos
Pergola Pavilion
photograph : Diego Elgueta
Lo Barnechea Pool House
The project strategy refers to the pergola as an architectural reference; That light and autonomous frame as an integral support of nature and multiple activities.

More Contemporary Chile Houses online soon

Contemporary Chile Houses Archive : 2012 – 2015

4 Jun 2015
Rocas House, El Pangue, Zapallar, Valparaíso Region
Design: Studio MK27 and 57STUDIO
Rocas House Chile
photograph : Fernando Guerra | FG+SG
New House in Zapallar
The architects created two side stone walls, like a programmatic box with the social and service areas of the house.

23 Sep 2013
Caterpillar House, Lo Barnechea, Santiago de Chile
Design: Sebastián Irarrázaval Delpiano ; Associated Architect: Erick Caro
Caterpillar House - Chile Houses
photo : Sergio Pirrone
Caterpillar House
Putting aside the fulfillment of the brief; the main purposes of the house were two: The first one was to integrate it to the territory of this part of the city where the presence of the Andes Mountain is extremely strong both visually and tectonically. Therefore the presence of the Andes was considered as an obvious background worst to be highlighted and also as a sloped ground needed to be negotiated.

22 Aug 2013
Outside IN House, Última Esperanza
Design: Fernanda Vuilleumier Studio
Outside IN House Chile
photo : Daniel Bruhin W.
Outside IN House
The design of Outside IN House consists in bringing the exterior materials to the interior. The materials carry ambivalent meanings of a vernacular form. On one side Outside IN Homes are functional and domestic. A thinking-home has passive solar elements to contain, save, and distribute solar energy for diurnal warmth, cooling, and illumination.

added 26 Feb 2013
Casa El Pangue, Patagonia, Chile
Design: Elton+Leniz Arquitectos asociados
Casa El Pangue Chile Houses
photograph : Natalia Vial
Casa El Pangue
This house stands on a steep sloping site, facing the ocean. It is developed towards a central vertical circulation, connecting the 4 levels and 3 terraces in which the house is organized, in order to get as much of the view of the Pacific Ocean as possible, taking advantage of the height offered by the natural slope of the site.

26 Apr 2012
House in Piedra Roja, north of Santiago, central Chile
Design: Riesco + Rivera Arquitectos Asociados
Casa Piedra Roja Chile property
photograph : Sebastián Wilson León
House in Piedra Roja
The order is an individual house for a young family, located in a developing suburban area in the north of Santiago, with an arid Mediterranean climate.
Conceptually we worked with the idea of the traditional houses of the central zone of Chile (Mediterranean), valuing the intermediate spaces like a fundamental part in the daily life and integrating the exterior to the interior through inner patios and covered zones as the traditional corridors.

Chile Property Designs

Major Chile Residential Architecture Projects, alphabetical:

Casa Caracola
Enrique Browne Arquitectos
Casa Caracola - Chile Houses
image from architect
Casa Caracola

Casa Pedro Lira
Sebastián Irarrázaval
Chile house
photo : Carlos Eguiguren
Casa Pedro Lira

Casa San Damian
Sebastián Irarrázaval
Casa Santiago - Chile Houses
picture from architect
Casa Santiago

Contador-Weller House, Casablanca
Riesco + Rivera Arquitectos Asociados
Contador-Weller House
photograph : Carlos Eguiguren
Contador-Weller House

House in Zapallar
Enrique Browne Arquitectos
House in Zapallar II
photo : Gonzalo Romero
House in Zapallar

La Reserva House, La Reserva, Colina
Sebastián Irarrázaval
Colina home - new Chile Houses
photo : Carlos Eguiguren
Colina House

Paul Harris Street House
Enrique Browne Arquitectos
Paul Harris Street House
photo : Luis Poirot
Paul Harris Street House

Wall House Residence, Santiago de Chile
FAR frohn&rojas
Wall House Residence - Chile Houses
photo © C.Palma
Wall House Residence

More Chile houses projects online soon

Chile Buildings

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Chile Architecture

Chile Architecture Design – chronological list

Chile Architecture

Chile Architect Studios

Chile Architecture Contest : Wine’s Museum Design Competition

Glamis Apartments, Las Condes, Santiago
Gonzalo Mardones Viviani & Asociados
Glamis Apartments
photograph from architect
Santiago apartments

Tomás Apartments, Santiago
Gonzalo Mardones Viviani & Asociados
Tomas Apartments
image from architect
Tomas Apartments

Chile Architects

Memory Museum Chile : Design Competition entry by Sebastián Irarrázaval

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