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post updated 5 January 2023

Architecture Photographers Profile

Selected Architecture Photographers from around the world:

AS architecture+photography

Alejandro Sala Architect
Via Fratelli Canestrari 10
Phone: +39 3343177421



Vitra Design Museum Weil am Rhein by Frank Gehry Architect
photograph © Alejandro Sala

Alejandro Sala Architectural Photographer

Augusto De Luca

Augusto De Luca graduated in law, then became a professional photographer in the mid-1970s, working along the boundary line between traditional and experimental photography.

Augusto De Luca Architecture Photographer
photograph © Augusto De Luca

With his style, he has been going through multiple photography genres, making use of many materials, always trying with his snapshots to enhance primary elements, minimal expression units that make up images in which shapes and signs combine in a way that is reminiscent of metaphysical atmospheres. His photographs have been exhibited by many galleries.

Augusto De Luca Photographer is the author of record covers, advertising campaign pictures and photography books. He taught photography at the “Montecitorio Club” of the Italian Parliament.

Light enhances but its shadow deletes, thus giving the picture its depth, its third dimension and its subtractive properties… I believe that commitment and technical skill can be achieved by means of one’s own will and study, while fantasy and passion are more valuable because they are innate and inescapably peculiar assets.

Augusto De Luca architecture photograph
photo © Augusto De Luca

All my photographs seep through EMOTION, through the relationship I establish with the place I am portraying. Whenever I see something that captivates me, I start turning around it to find MY OWN frame. I work on myself and on the city at the same time.”

Augusto De Luca Architecture Photographer

Pygmalion Karatzas – Architect, Architecture Photographer
Mob/cell: +30 6932241915

Actelion, Basel, Switzerland:
Actelion building architecture photograph

Palazzo della Civilta, Rome, Italy:
Palazzo della Civilta building photo
photos © Pygmalion Karatzas

Pygmalion Karatzas Architectural Photographer

Marcela Grassi – Architecture Photographer
Tel +34 (0) 931813287

Teatro Popular de Niteroi building, Brazil:
Teatro Popular de Niteroi,

Museu d Arte Contemporanea de Niteroi, Brazil:
Museu d Arte Contemporanea de Niteroi building
photos © Marcela Grassi

Marcela Grassi : Architecture Photographer

Danica O. Kus Photography

Architecture photo of Singapore Gardens:
Architecture photo of Singapore Gardens

Architecture photo of Terrace in Singapore:
Architecture photo of Terrace in Singapore

Architecture photo of the Serpentine Pavilion by Zaha Hadid Architects:
Architecture Photo Serpentine Pavilion by Zaha Hadid Architects
photos © Danica O. Kus Photography

+32 470 515 153 Mobile +322 8500 146 Office danica(at)
Danica O. Kus Photography
Av Geo Bernier 8, 1050 Brussels, Belgium

Ilir Rizaj – Architecture Photographer

Ilir Rizaj Photography
Cell: 917-627-0247
Member of AIAP – The Association of Independent Architectural Photographers

Minster Court, City of London, UK:
Minster Court, City of London, UK

Sacred Spring in Roman Baths, Bath, UK:
Sacred Spring in Roman Baths

Bodiam Castle, East Sussex, England:
Bodiam Castle, East Sussex

Houses of Parliament, London:
Houses of Parliament, London

The Lloyd’s building, City of London:
Lloyds building City of London

Architecture Photographer Profiles £275 per annum : info(at)

Julius Shulman

Julius Shulman Architectural Photographer

Architectural Photography

Andy Spain Photography
Asvisual Ltd.
+44 (0)77 4710 3334

Chris Humphreys Photography Ltd
The Corner House, Borthwick Hall, Heriot
Midlothian EH38 5YE, UK
+44 (0)7905 449073

John McKenzie Photography
Kinghorn House, Main Street, Ormiston
East Lothian EH35 5HX, Scotlandm.
+44(0)7836 325 888

Calle Delicias 25 1º-G, 28045 Madrid
+34 626 69 70 38

Morley von Sternberg
London, UK
+44 (0)20 8989 5704

Keith Hunter Photography
13 Oxford Rd, Renfrew PA4 0SJ, Scotland
+44 (0)141 886 4503

Paul Riddle Photographer
15 Grand Union Crescent, London E8 4TR
+44 7866 461523

Paul Zanre Photography
12 Shaws Crescent Milton Bridge
Penicuik Mid Lothian EH26 0RE, UK
+44 1968 674422 m: +44 7973 207117

Architectural Photographer – Listings £150 per annum : info(at)

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Architecture Photographer – James Whitaker

Celebrated architectural photos from around the globe – Buildings Selection:

The National Art Centre, Tokyo, Japan – design by Kisho Kurokawa architect:
The National Art Centre, Tokyo, Japan building photo
photo © James Whitaker

Prada Store Tokyo, Japan, building design by Swiss architects Herzog and de Meuron:
Prada Store Tokyo, Japan, building
photo © James Whitaker

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