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post updated 7 April 2023

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30 June 2022
UNStudio expands its leadership team and local presence across the globe
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21 July 2021
Sochi Waterfront Masterplan

10 Nov 2016

UNStudio Practice News

A10 ring road and the Lelylaan area in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
A10 Ring Road + Lelylaan Area in Amsterdam by UNStudio
image from architect practice
A10 ring road and the Lelylaan area in Amsterdam
Ben van Berkel / UNStudio collaborate with a multidisciplinary team on a new study for the development of the A10 ring road and the Lelylaan area in Amsterdam

1 Aug 2016
Knowledge Matters Book by UNStudio

1st of August 2016 – Coming soon: ‘Knowledge Matters’ – The new book by Ben van Berkel & Caroline Bos / UNStudio

Knowledge Matters will be published by Frame Publishers on Sept 1st 2016 and will be available for pre-order via the Frame Store on Aug 15th.

Knowledge Matters Book by UNStudio

“Knowledge Matters as far as we absorb, engage and transform it – to serve us, in our effort to expand our imagination and our grasp of the future expansions of the profession.”
Ben van Berkel & Caroline Bos

UNStudio architect news : more information

UNStudio in Motion

26 Oct 2012 – ‘UNStudio in Motion’, a bilingual (Chinese and English) project book detailing 51 projects from the last ten years of UNStudio’s practice has recently been published in collaboration with Tianjin Ifengspace Media Co. Ltd.

UNStudio in Motion UNStudio in Motion UNStudio in Motion UNStudio in Motion UNStudio in Motion
image : UNStudio

The richly illustrated publication details projects of all typologies and scales, from large scale Master Plans to product designs. The 320 page project book covers competition designs, built projects, urban studies and buildings currently in process or under construction and is available on www.dangdang.com, www.amazon.cn (bilingual edition) and from Nov 2012 on www.amazon.com and www.ribabookshops.com (English edition).

UNStudio in Motion UNStudio in Motion UNStudio in Motion UNStudio in Motion UNStudio in Motion
image : UNStudio

Ben van Berkel and Caroline Bos (UNStudio) awarded Professorships at two leading international Universities

13 Aug 2012 – Caroline Bos awarded Honorary Professorship at University of Melbourne’s Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning and Ben van Berkel’s Kenzo Tange Chair at Harvard University Graduate School of Design extended for three years.

Caroline Bos – Honorary Professorship, The University of Melbourne, Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning

Caroline Bos
image © Inga Powilliet

The University of Melbourne’s Senior Appointments and Promotions Committee (SAPC) recently advised in favour of the Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning’s nomination of Caroline Bos to a five year Honorary Professorial position within the faculty.

As an Honorary Professor, Caroline Bos will contribute to the teaching and research at the school through lectures, master classes and student crits. Caroline Bos will commence her Professorship with a free public lecture titled ‘More not Less – Value Engineering for Architecture’, as part of the MSD Dean’s Lecture Series on August 7th 2012.

In her Dean’s Lecture Caroline Bos will explore the architect’s propensity to polarise prime, showcase spaces in favour of more humble subsidiary spaces. She will propose that architecture and urban design should cease creating such distinctions and instead consider the added value of subsidiary spaces during pivotal design stages.

UNStudio has made non-specific, transitory space into a focal point in projects of all scales. What characterises these spaces is their connectivity. This offers potential for innovation, as fixed typologies are expanded and as a result can be interpreted spatially and structurally, as well as behaviorally. Caroline Bos proposes that any identification with just one stakeholder contains a risk. UNStudio therefore adopts a ‘relational’ stance to the overlapping and competing interests that combine to create spaces. In particular: governmental agencies and citizen groups in the studio’s design for a new public transportation hub in Arnhem, The Netherlands; and commercial and cultural objectives in the Galleria Centercity in Cheonan, South Korea, where public spaces are embedded within private ones.

As part of the MSD Dean’s Lecture Series, an exhibition of recent projects by UNStudio will also be held in the Wunderlich Gallery at the University from 30th July to 10th August 2012.

Ben van Berkel – Kenzo Tange Chair extended for 3 years at Harvard University Graduate School of Design.

Ben van Berkel
image © Inga Powilliet
Ben van Berkel Architect
In 2011 Ben van Berkel was awarded the Kenzo Tange Visiting Professor Chair at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design. Following the studio carried out in the Fall semester of the same year, the Kenzo Tange Chair has been extended to Ben van Berkel for a further period of three years.

17 Jul 2012

Caroline Bos Lecture at University of Melbourne, Australia
Caroline Bos
image : Inga Powilleit
University of Melbourne Architecture News
Architect Caroline Bos will reveal the value of strategically designed subsidiary spaces in her free public lecture, on Tuesday 7 August 2012 in the Carrillo Gantner Theatre, Basement, Sidney Myer Asia Centre at the University of Melbourne as part of the MSD Dean’s Lecture Series.

15 May 2012

Exhibition ‘Activate – Architecture for the Future’, Theatre De Vest, Alkmaar, The Netherlands
UNStudio’s exhibition ‘Activate – Architecture for the Future’ at Theatre De Vest in Alkmaar (NL) investigated the challenge for today’s architecture to provide an impulse to urban city centres. In the exhibition UNStudio presented a vision of the role that architecture can fulfill in the activation of public space. Themes such as colour, culture, regeneration and public intervention illustrate architecture’s current potential. These four themes are used as a starting point for discussion. What is the role of colour in the urban space? Do cultural buildings promote social cohesion? How do architects respond to aging and vacant buildings? In the exhibition UNStudio projects are used to illustrate the importance of engaging architectural means to activate public space.

21 Oct 2011

Ben van Berkel joins Gehry Technologies


Gehry Technologies advisory board:
Gehry Technologies Board
picture : Richard Schulman

Ben van Berkel has joined the Gehry Technologies (GT) Advisory Board. GT today announced that Co-founder and Chairman, Frank Gehry has brought together the world’s most distinguished architects and designers to form a strategic alliance furthering his vision to transform the building industry and the practice of design. As part of today’s announcement, this core group of renowned architects will also serve on Gehry Technologies’ board of advisors.

Ben van Berkel of UNStudio:
Ben van Berkel
picture : Inga Powilleit

UNStudio News 2011

Observation Tower, ‘De Onlanden’, Drenthe, near Groningen, The Netherlands
Observation Tower Groningen
picture : UNStudio
Observation Tower Groningen
UNStudio’s design for an Observation Tower for ‘De Onlanden’ presented to Natuurmonumenten
On September 22nd the design for an observation tower for the nature reserve ‘De Onlanden’, situated to the South-West of the City of Groningen, was presented to Natuurmonumenten (the Dutch Society for the Preservation of Natural Heritage) during the mini-symposium ‘Experience Nature with innovative concrete’ in Peize.

Motion Matters Exhibition, Harvard University, MA, USA – 20 Jan
Motion Matters Exhibition
photo : Justin Knight
Motion Matters Exhibition

UNStudio News 2010

SUTD Building, Singapore
Ben van Berkel / UNStudio design
Singapore University of Technology and Design
picture : UNStudio
SUTD Building

Architecture News 2009

I’Park City Suwon, Korea
I'Park City Suwon
image © www.moka-studio.com
I’Park City Suwon

I’Park City Model House, Korea
I'Park City Model House
photo : Christian Richters
I’Park City Model House

Post Office Redevelopment, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Post office Rotterdam

Raffles City Hangzhou, China
Design: UNStudio / Ben van Berkel
Raffles City China
image : UNStudio
Raffles City Hangzhou

Grand Hyatt Tower, Frankfurt, Germany
Grand Hyatt Tower Frankfurt
image : UNStudio
Grand Hyatt Tower Frankfurt

RETREAT Exhibition, KunstFort Asperen, Netherlands
Curated by Ben van Berkel and Caroline Bos / UNStudio
UN Studio Exhibition
photo courtesy of Katrien Franken
RETREAT Exhibition

MUMUTH – Haus für Musik und Musiktheater, Graz, Austria
Mumuth Graz
photograph : Christian Richters
Music Theatre Graz

Dutch Building Prize – IBG and Tax Offices, Groningen, The Netherlands
IBG Building Groningen
image : UNStudio
Consortium DUO2 awarded ‘Integrated Design & Construction’ prize

Building News 2008

Star Place Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Kaohsiung Shopping Centre
picture from UN Studio
Kaohsiung Shopping Centre

Ben van Berkel’s ‘MYchair’
MYchair, lounge chair design by Ben van Berkel / UNStudio: MYchair is the first chair designed by Ben van Berkel / UNStudio and is described as a real architect’s chair.

Städelschule collage, Germany
Frankfurt exhibition
image : UNStudio
Frankfurt exhibition

UNStudio Buildings, chronological

Light*House Aarhus Harbour front, Denmark
Design: UNStudio & 3XN Architects
Aarhus Harbour
image : UNStudio
Aarhus Harbour

Mercedes-Benz Museum, Stuttgart, Germany

Tea House bunker, Vreeswijk, Netherlands
Tea House bunker

Holiday Home, ICA, Philadelphia, USA

Park & Rijn Towers, Arnhem Central, Arnhem, Netherlands

Bauhaus Archive Extension, Museum of Design, Berlin, Germany
Extension to the Berlin Museum of Design by Walter Gropius in 1964

Theatre Agora, Lelystad, Netherlands
Theatre Agora Lelystad
image from architecture practice
Theatre Agora

Congress Centre, Zaragoza, Spain

Te Papa Museum, Wellington, New Zealand

Offices “La Defense”, Almere, Netherlands
La Defense Almere architecture by UNStudio Architects
image from architects office
La Defense Almere

Hotel Castell, Zuoz, Switzerland
Hotel Castell Zuoz by UNStudio Architects
photo from architects firm
Hotel Castell

Prins Clausbrug, Utrecht, Netherlands
Prins Clausbrug

Electrical Substation, Innsbruck, Austria
Innsbruck building by UNStudio Architects
image from UNStudio
Austria substation building

Living Tomorrow Pavilion, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Moebius House, Utrecht, Netherlands
Ben van Berkel & Caroline Bos

Waste Disposal Facility, Delft, Netherlands

Museum Het Valkhof, Nijmegen, Netherlands
Museum Het Valkhof by UNStudio Architects
image from UNStudio
Museum Het Valkhof

More UN Studio projects online soon

Unrealised Project

Rolling Curves – World Business Center, Busan, Korea
World Business Center Busan by UNStudio Architects
picture from architects
World Business Center Busan

UNStudio Architects Exhibition

Development of Space
Deutsches Architektur Museum, Frankfurt, Germany

Erasmus Bridge, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Erasmus Bridge Rotterdam by UNStudio Architects
photo from architects

Exhibition Design Schirn Kunsthalle, Frankfurt, Germany
Schirn Kunsthalle by UNStudio

Five Franklin Place, New York, USA

Ben van Berkel former practitioner : Santiago Calatrava

Location: Amsterdam, Holland

Architects Practice Further Information

Design studio based in The Netherlands

Proposed UNStudio Buildings

Battersea Weave Office Building, London, UK

Ponte Parodi, Genoa, Italy
Located in the harbour, reminiscent of Renzo Piano’s similar harbour project

Arnhem Central, Arnhem, Netherlands
Arnhem Central building

Ben van Berkel former tutor : architect Zaha Hadid

Website: www.unstudio.com

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