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Lighthouse – Aarhus Harbour Competition

Danish Architecture Competition : Ny Bygning i nord Jylland, Danmark

27 Apr 2007

Aarhus Harbour Buildings

Danish Architecture Competition News

Aarhus Harbour – Lighthouse : docklands building

Dates: 2006-22

Design: UNStudio & 3XN Architects

Lighthouse - Aarhus Harbour Competition
Aarhus Harbour, 2022, UN Studio

Light*House : New harbour front Aarhus designed by collaborative team UNStudio and 3XN

The international consortium with UNStudio and 3XN, headed by architects Ben van Berkel and Kim Herforth Nielsen, creates a beautiful and versatile urban area on Aarhus Harbour together with Gehl Architects, comprising the tallest building in Denmark.

Aarhus Harbour Aarhus Harbour Buildings
Aarhus Harbour images from 3XN

The proposal offers a new harbour promenade with evening sun and public access to the unique view of the bay from the top floor of the constructions. The residential facilities of this district vary with cafe environments, restaurants and open squares which enable common free-time activities.

The area will have few cars – most will be parked in an underground parking facility, giving optimum conditions for pedestrians and cyclists. A very special characteristic of the area will be the mix of owner-occupied and rental houses.

Lighthouse Aarhus Harbour Aarhus Harbour proposal Aarhus Harbour design
Aarhus Harbour images from 3XN

”Aarhus will have the most unique harbour front in Denmark with innovative architecture created especially for this place and this city. The constructions will provide Aarhus with a spectacular and beautiful face towards the Bay of Aarhus and at the same time be safe and pleasant to live and be in,” says Kim Herforth Nielsen, architect MAA and partner of 3XN.

“The attractiveness of the views is one of the strongest points of the location; living there, you live the view. The outstanding quality of the views results in a different sort of apartment building; one in which the façade becomes as important on the inside as it is from the outside,” says Ben van Berkel from UNStudio.

Lifestyle and culture
”We have had very good cooperation about the project development and with the Municipality of Aarhus, and we are looking forward to proceeding with the project, the architecture of which is based on thorough studies of trends in culture and lifestyle, as well as due consideration of wind and weather conditions,” says Jan Pedersen, CEO of Keops Development which together with Frederiksbjerg Ejendomme is main investor in the consortium.

Aarhus Harbour Aarhus Harbour Aarhus Harbour Aarhus Harbour
Aarhus Harbour, 2022, UNStudio

The consortium also counts the social housing organisations AAB and Ringgården. The group of advisors which has been in charge of the project development in cooperation with the consortium has solid international experience, also within altitude construction and construction in water. The design team consists of architects 3XN and UNStudio, Gehl Architects that specialise in urban environments and Grontmij Carl Bro as engineers.

Lighthouse Aarhus Building information from UNStudio 16 Apr 2007

Aarhus Harbour Buildings : Further Information

Lighthouse Århus Harbour – Building Information

Address: Pier 4, Aarhus Havn, DK
Client: Landic Property
Size: 63.000 m2
Completion: 2011
Architects: 3XN, UNStudio, GEHL Architects
Engineer: Carl Bro A/S

We are building a wonderful city harbour area at eye level with nice houses on top of it!

A wonderful, versatile and vibrant district of Århus at eye level forms the new lighthouse of international standard. The friendly urban environment is ensured by the quality of the open spaces and squares between the buildings – seen from a pedestrian’s perspective.

Wonderful, because nature, the Bay and the view may be shared by everyone since the houses have no rear sides. If you live by the water you must be able to see it.

Versatile, because it consists of a mixture of non-detached houses, flats and towers. People will work and live here, either as owners or tenants, and they will require and share different activities on different times of the day, the week and the year.

Vibrant, because the project is about bringing people together in an environment of carefully studied areas which offer a mixture of activities for the residents as well as for the entire city. Activities and details are the keys to this vibrant urban environment.

District, because the diversity of the area unfolds in a gushing and versatile way with its own characteristics, precisely like Frederiksbjerg, Trøjborg og Ø-gaderne, the best functioning and most beautiful districts in Århus. At eye level, because the scale is adjusted to the pedestrian who passes by the buildings and their residents on the balconies, terraces, in the front yards or on the small and large open squares.

Lighthouse, because it takes its prominent location seriously and sets an ambitious, unique and innovative architectonic standard for the rest of Århus Harbour’s future.


3 X Nielssen – since renamed 3XN Architects

Lighthouse Århus Harbour information from 3XN Architects

Location: Pier 2, Aarhus Harbour, Aarhus, east Jutland, western Denmark, northern Europe

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