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post updated 16 August 2021

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OOIIO Architecture Designs arranged chronologically:

9 Nov 2020
BUS House, Bustarviejo, Madrid, Spain
Bus House Madrid
photograph : Josefotoinmo
BUS House Madrid
“Sierra de Madrid” is the name of the mountainous region near the Spanish Capital. For those who do not live in the Spanish capital, is very popular among locals thanks to its great landscape and natural value. In winter its peaks are still covered with snow.

24 Aug 2018
GAS House – The Four Yards Home, Las Herencias, province of Toledo, Castile-La Mancha, Spain
GAS House in Toledo design by OOIIO Architecture
photograph : Josefotoinmo
New house in Las Herencias
construction of a new single-family housing project. It is a work done with much love for a young and modern couple who wanted a comfortable, bright and different house.

24 Aug 2018
Cottage in Las Herencias, province of Toledo, Castile-La Mancha, Spain
Casa de Campo en Las Herencias, Toledo
image : OOIIO Architecture
Casa de Campo en Las Herencias by OOIIO Architecture
The large plot of land allowed us to develop a comfortable house on a single floor, which we decided to fragment into elongated modules that connect the street with the backyard. Some modules are in the shape of a gabled roof house, others are flat roof prisms.

9 May 2018
Horse Riding Field in Cattle Farm, Madrid, Spain
Horse Riding Field in Cattle Farm Madrid
images : OOIIO Architecture, Josefotoinmo
Horse Riding Field in Cattle Farm
This is a deep refurbishment in a cattle farm, located in a privileged enclave of the fields of Castilla, to adapt it to sports facilities for the training and care of jumping competition horses.

20 May 2017
New OOIIO Office, Madrid Rio, Spain
New OOIIO Office in Madrid Rio
image from architect
New OOIIO Office in Madrid
OOIIO, an emerging architecture studio based in Madrid with projects in Spain and Latin America, decided to move its headquarters because the team is growing thanks to a series of new commissions and some competitions won.

20 Jul 2016
Casa Arm, Madrid, Spain
Casa Arm design by OOIIO Architecture
image from architect
Casa Arm Madrid
House ARM is a game of extrusions and sections, caching the natural sun light.

Unbalance Hotel, Lima, Peru
Unbalance Hotel Peru design by OOIIO Architecture
image from architect
Unbalance Hotel – 30 May 2013
We have designed this singular hotel for a Latin American promoter interested in creating a unique, innovative and worldwide recognizable building with a moderate investment. The building is located in Lima, a city which is enjoying nowadays a constant growth. The plot is located in front of the Pacific Ocean, in a quiet area outside of the city centre, hanging on a cliff with a relative height that appears due to the proximity of the Andes to the Pacific Ocean.

Miraflores-Barranco Pedestrian Bridge, Lima, Peru
Miraflores-Barranco Pedestrian Bridge Peru
image from architect
Peruvian Pedestrian Bridge – 11 Mar 2013
Lima Municipality proposes the connection between Miraflores and Barranco districts with an iconic pedestrian bridge over the deep natural gap called Bajada de Armendáriz, which ends just in front of Pacific Ocean. On the other side Barranco, the city bohemian district. On the Colonial Epoch it used to be the leisure area, and it keeps its charm. Nowadays there are many museums and cultural live. Walking though its streets you can find several musicians and at night is the fashionable place to go for dinner with friends.

Vigdis Language Center, Reykjavik, Iceland
Vigdis Language Center Reykjavik design by OOIIO Architecture
image from architect
Vigdis Language Center – 17 Jan 2013
“Vigdis Foundation” (Stofnun Vigdísar Finnbogadóttur) is one of the most important institutions for the internationalization and preservation of Icelandic culture and values. The building that hosts this Foundation should be representative of the importance of these activities for its country, Iceland.

Key Project by OOIIO Architecture

Featured Building by OOIIO Architecture, alphabetical:

Hotel Building in Reykjavik
OOIIO Architecture
Hotel in Reykjavik design by OOIIO Architecture
image from architects
Reykjavik Hotel Building – 16 May 2012 : Iceland Architecture Competition
Submission for an international ideas competition. In Reykjavik, Iceland capital they wanted to build a big new hotel in Ingolfstorg, a public existing plaza in Kvosin, the city historical center, very close to the Iceland Parliament. The program was asking for a way too big building that couldn´t work well with the existing city pattern. There are no big buildings on this area.

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Location: Calle Galileo, 91 Madrid, Spain, southwest Europe

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REE Campus
Architects: IDOM
REE Campus Tres Cantos Madrid
photo : Aitor Ortiz
REE Campus in Tres Cantos

University of Navarre Clinic
Architects: IDOM
University of Navarre Clinic Madrid by OOIIO Architecture
photo : Aitor Ortiz
University of Navarre Clinic

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