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Casa Arm in Madrid Property

Contemporary Residential Development in Spain design by OOIIO Architecture

20 Jul 2016

Casa Arm Madrid

Design: OOIIO Architecture

Location: Madrid, Spain

Casa Arm

Casa Arm

House ARM is a game of extrusions and sections, caching the natural sun light.

Casa Arm

We understand this project as an exercise to get a good house, non expensive and functional, in a large enough plot, able to get all the client brief in only one level.

Casa Arm

This is why we decided to build the house with structural walls, because we do not need to get too high with them, saving time and money to our client during the construction process, and thanks to their thickness, those walls will also help to contribute to save energy and improve the sustainability of the house.

Casa Arm 3

This structural walls come from the extrusion of two sections, generating two long parallel pieces starting from the street façade and getting into the yard. They don´t touch each other but they are connected by some flat roofs, covering the utility spaces like the hall, the laundry or the parking.

The interior of one of the main long pieces has no walls and we will find there a large open space where the living room, the dining room and the library-studio are all the same, getting light from everywhere, the street, the skylights on the roof and the yard, but with the possibility of being divided thanks to mobile partitions. The client will be able to play with this space depending on its use.

Casa Arm Casa Arm

The other long piece has inside all the bedrooms and kitchen, it holds the most intimate spaces, and it ends up on a great porch, where it merges together with the other piece and the yard, and also a pool, where for sure the client will have good moments and will enjoy the good weather that they use to have on this site during most of the year.

For a better passive energy performance, the house has ceramic ventilated double façades, with exterior isolation, also the windows are opened thinking on those places were sun doesn´t heat too much. The interior cooling and heating will be done by a special radiating floor. Both passive and active energetic systems will become this house really efficient, and our client will be saving money and energy every day, becoming a cheap house to live in, recovering soon the initial investment.

Casa Arm

This is a really studied project. With low resources it gets great goals!.

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Location: Madrid, Spain, southwestern Europe

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