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REE Campus in Tres Cantos Technology Park

13 May 2021

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Photos by Aitor Ortiz

17 Apr 2020

REE Campus Madrid

Architects: IDOM

Location: Madrid, Spain

REE Campus Tres Cantos Madrid

Red Eléctrica de España has commissioned IDOM for the comprehensive rehabilitation of two buildings in the Tres Cantos Technology Park (Madrid). The action includes a comprehensive adaptation to the new training and technological needs of the company, modernizing the set of buildings through an envelope that enables compliance with energy efficiency requirements.

REE Campus Tres Cantos Madrid

The distribution of the new REE Campus seeks to increase the quality of the workspaces and classrooms, as well as an efficient organization, making the most of the available space, generating open and recognizable areas in access and reducing and clarifying the plant area for common areas.

REE Campus Tres Cantos Madrid

From a formal point of view, the project seeks to highlight the particular spatial conditions of the building, based mainly on four elements: the closed nucleus of communication and toilets, the new interior patio, the organization of the floors and the exterior image. of the building.

The new interior light patio aims to provide natural light to the central area of the building, which is currently very dark. The enhancement of this new patio allows it to act as an open visual background from both floors of the building. Around the light patio, the training and meeting rooms are organized, which allow natural lighting through the patio. Among them, the divisions will be made up of opaque panels to control the acoustics of these classrooms.

REE Campus Tres Cantos Madrid

The current façade is made up of curtain walls, some of them inclined (on the main façade) and opaque areas formed by brick factory walls covered with single-layer mortar. It is planned to remove the sloping curtain wall from the main facade.

REE Campus Tres Cantos Madrid

The buildings are completely energetically rehabilitated, applying passive strategies to improve the energetic behavior of the building: Roof insulation, screeds and blind facades; high performance glass and carpentry; sun protection and infiltration control. An energy performance is carried out in the building of a high technical level.

REE Campus Tres Cantos Madrid

A metallic protection consisting of stretched galvanized steel sheets of variable opacity has been installed in front of the facade, supported by a main structure and joined by horizontal studs of variable dimensions depending on the orientation of the facade, in order to avoid solar radiation direct. The proposal for the facades of the building seeks, on the one hand, to improve their thermal properties and, on the other hand, to improve their image without modifying their volumes or their gaps.

REE Campus Tres Cantos Madrid

As for the active strategy applied to the buildings, a GEOTABS solution is planned that includes a thermal activation of the existing structure in combination with geothermal exploitation in the field as the only production system. The existing structure is a common unidirectional structure, therefore, in order to heat-activate the existing structure, IDOM is forced to innovate since there are no direct solutions to do so on the market.

Trials are carried out with three different technologies (wet mortar sprayed mortar, dry mortar sprayed mortar and application of plaster) and an in situ sample of each one is made. Finally, the building gets underway ratifying results, both in terms of comfort and exceptional energy.

The environmental impact of the rehabilitation is minimal, responding to Red Eléctrica standards and the needs of today’s society.

REE Campus Tres Cantos Madrid

REE Campus, Tres Cantos, Community of Madrid – Building Information

Architects: IDOM

Location: 1 And 2 Isaac Newton St., Tres Cantos, Madrid, Spain
Client: Red Electrica De España (Ree)

Work Sector: Corporate Head Offices
Type Of Service: Full multi-disciplinary design service
Type Of Intervention: Comprehensive renovation

Project Director: Beatriz Olalla, Ana Díaz
Architece In Charge: Beatriz Olalla
Architects (Collaborating Architects): Andreia Faley, Jorge Rodríguez, David Bardón, Juan Gilsanz
Project Management Costs: Beatriz Olalla, María Victoria Blázquez
Structure: Jorge de Prado

Hvac: Antonio Villanueva, Isaac Lorenzo
Building Services: Antonio Villanueva
Lighting: Javier Martín
Water: Jon Landaburu, Oscar Malo and Daniel Torre
Electricity: Carlos Trujillano
Telecommunications: Cristina Rubio and Antonio Carrillo
Clerks: Banesa Marrero
Site Supervision: Beatriz Olalla
Construction Supervision: María Victoria Blázquez
Site Management: Beatriz Olalla

Builder: AVINTIA S.A
Approximate Area (M2 And Feet2; 1ft2 = 0.093 M2): 6000 sqm
Project Date, Months: Months (number): 5+4 – Years: 2015 and 2017
Construction Date, Months: Months (number): 12 months +14 months – Year/s: 2015-2016 and 2018
Investment (Estimate W/o Vat): 9.1 M Euros

REE Campus Tres Cantos Madrid

Photographer: Aitor Ortiz

IDOM Group

REE Campus in Tres Cantos, Madrid images / information received 170420 from the IDOM Group

Location: Madrid, Spain, southwestern Europe

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