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post updated 4 Apr 2021

Kyungam Architects Associates – Key Projects

Featured Buildings by Kyungam Architects Associates, Seoul, alphabetical:

Abu Dhabi Mirage Hotel, UAE
Date: 2008-
Abu Dhabi Marina Hotel
image from Kyungam Architects Associates
Abu Dhabi Marina hotel
The hotel building design is divided into three buildings, the first is the residential hotel that faces the city, and the second is the marina hotel that has artificial beach front, and the third is the berthage and marina club located in the inner cove of the site.

Bupyeong Post Office, Incheon, South Korea
Date: 2009-
Bupyeong Post Office building design by Kyungam Architects Associates
image from architects office
Bupyeong Post Office

Cheonan Post Office, Chungdang, Cheonan, South Korea
Date: 2009-
Cheonan Post Office
image from architects firm
Cheonan Post Office

Chuncheon District Court, Wonju, South Korea
Date: 2009-
Chuncheon District Court Korea
image from architects practice
Chuncheon District Court

Donghae Hansome Resort – Han Island Masterplan, South Korea
Date: 2009-
Han Island Korea building design by Kyungam Architects Associates
image from architecture practice
Han Island Resort

Floating Observatory, South Korea
Date: 2009-
Floating Observatory Korea
image from architecture firm
Floating Observatory Korea

Floating Stage, Seoul, South Korea
Date: 2009
Floating Stage building design by Kyungam Architects Associates
photo from architects studio
Floating Stage

UNESCO World Natural Heritage Center, Jeju, South Korea
Date: 2009
UNESCO World Natural Heritage Center building design by Kyungam Architects Associates
image from architect
UNESCO World Natural Heritage Center

Yongin Youth Retreat Center, South Korea
Date: 2009-
Yongin Youth Retreat Center building design by Kyungam Architects Associates
image from architect
Yongin Youth Retreat Center

More architecture projects by KA3 design group Seoul online soon

Location: Seoul, South Korea

KA3 design group Practice Information

Designs by Changki Yun, a member of KIA (Korea institute of architecture ; authorized organization in UIA), professor of SAKIA (School of Architecture KIA) and tutor at Hongik University.

Changki Yun runs his own firm in Seoul, Korea, title KA3 design group [KyungAm Architects Associates Ltd]. He studied in AA_DRL in London (2003-06).

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