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Kenzo Tange: the 100th Anniversary of his Birth Doodle

September 4th, 2013 – “Kenzo Tange: the 100th Anniversary of his Birth Doodle” will appear on the Google Japan website.

National Gymnasiums for Tokyo Olympics design by Kenzo Tange Architect
photo from Tange Associates

On September 4th, we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of architect Kenzo Tange, who founded Kenzo Tange Studio in 1946 and designed over 330 buildings and master plans in 31 countries. Tange Associates continues his legacy today.

To commemorate his great achievements, the Doodle will appear on the opening page of Google Japan from 0:00 to 23:59 today. Please access the Google Japan website and enjoy the Doodle, specially designed for this occasion.

Tange Associates
Henderson Metropolitan Shanghai by Kenzo Tange Architect
photo from Tange Associates

What is Doodle?
It is a Google logo design on the opening page, specially designed to commemorate a public holiday, memorial day, or anniversary of the birth of a notable public figure.

Information from this Japanese architectural practice.

Kenzo Tange

Pritzker Prize Architects – Pritzker Architecture Prize Laureate 1987

Kenzo was born in Imabari, Shikoku Island, Japan

Architect students of Kenzo include celebrated Japanese designers Arata Isozaki, Fumihiko Maki & Kisho Kurokawa

Major Architecture Projects

Buildings / Designs by Kenzo Tange, alphabetical:

Akasaka Prince Hotel, Tokyo, Japan
Date built: –

Ehime Prefectural Culture Center, Japan

GB Building, Singapore

Hiroshima Peace Park & Centre, Japan

Hiroshima Peace Center by Kenzo Tange Architect
photo from Tange Associates
aka Hiroshima Peace Center

Imabari City Public Hall, Japan
Date built: –
Imabari City Public Hall
photo from Tange Associates

Minneapolis Art Museum Expansion, USA
Date built: 1975

Nanyang Technological Institute, Singapore

National Gymnasiums for Tokyo Olympics, Japan
National Gymnasiums for Tokyo Olympics
photo from Tange Associates

Olivetti headquarters, Japan

Overseas Union Bank, Singapore

Telecommunications Centre, Singapore

Tokyo City Hall Complex, Japan

“Wakodo no Hiroba”(Youth Plaza), Minami Awaji City, Japan
Date built: 1966
Memorial for Students who Perished in the War
photo from Tange Associates
Memorial for Students who Perished in the War

Yokohama Museum of Art, Japan

More projects by this architect online soon

Kenzo Tange Buildings

Architecture Projects by Kenzo Tange in full, alphabetical:

Catania new town, Italy
Date built: 1967
Fiera District plan, Bologna, Italy
Date built: 1967
Hanae Mori Building, Japan

Hiroshima Peace Memorial reconstruction, Japan

Hyogo Prefectural Museum of History, Japan

National Gymnasium, Yoyogi Park, Tokyo
Dates built: 1961-64
Olivetti headquarters, Japan

Plan for Tokyo
Date built: 1960
Sogetsu Center, Japan

Tohin School, Japan

Tokyo Cathedral of Saint Mary

United Nations University Headquarters, Tokyo

Yamanishi Broadcasting & Press Center, Kofu, Japan

More architecture projects by this Japanese architect online soon

Location: Tokyo, Japan, eastern Asia

Japanese Architect Practice Information

This celebrated Japanese architect office was based in Tokyo.

Kenzo was born in Osaka in 1913 and died in Tokyo in 2005.

Japanese Architects

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum building design, 1955, photo taken in May 2012:
Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum building design by Kenzo Tange
photo : BriYYZ from Toronto, Canada, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Tokyo University Architecture Department, Japan

Tokyo University, Japan – Assistant professor
Massachusetts Institute of Technology – guest professor

Tange Laboratory established

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