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post updated 15 May 2021

Waro Kishi + K.ASSOCIATES – Key Projects

Featured Buildings by K.Associates, alphabetical:

House in Fukaya, Japan
Date built: 2001
Fukaya House K.Associates Architects Japan
photo © Hitoyuki Hitai
Waro Kishi + K.ASSOCIATES/Architects – key design
This house is located in Fukaya, Saitama Prefecture on the north Kanto plain. Despite its proximity to megalopolitan Tokyo, the site is encompassed by monotonous, semi-urban surroundings, typical of north Kanto a setting that discourages description as a “city suburb.”
The house has a rectangular plan that is tripartite in function. The south part contains the private elements the garage and bedrooms on two levels. The north part contains the living/dining area. A court with a pool is placed between them in the center of the building.

Glashaus / Utsubo, Japan
Date built: 2007
Glashaus / Utsubo design by K.Associates Architects
photo © Hitoyuki Hitai
Glashaus / Utsubo

House in Higashi-Otsu, Japan
Date built: 2003
House in Higashi-Otsu design by K.Associates Architects
photo © Hitoyuki Hitai
House in Higashi-Otsu

House in Kurakuen II, Japan
Date built: 2001
Kurakuen II House design by K.Associates Architects
photo © Hitoyuki Hitai
Kurakuen II House

House in Nipponbashi, Japan
Date built: 1992
House in Nipponbashi design by K.Associates Architects
photo © Hitoyuki Hitai
House in Nipponbashi

Memorial Hall in Yamaguchi, Japan
Date built: 1997
Memorial Hall in Yamaguchi design by K.Associates Architects
photo © Hitoyuki Hitai
Memorial Hall in Yamaguchi

The Meridian line Akashi Ferry Terminal, Japan
Date built: 2003
Akashi Ferry Terminal
photo © Hitoyuki Hitai
Akashi Ferry Terminal

Stadium600, Japan
Date built: 2001
photo © Hitoyuki Hitai

More architecture projects by K.Associates online soon

Location: Kyoto, Japan

Waro Kishi Practice Information

Waro Kishi + K.ASSOCIATES/Architects studio based in Kyoto, Japan

Professor, Kyoto University of Art and Design

Professor, Kyoto University

Visiting professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge

Visiting professor, University of California, Berkeley

Professor, Kyoto Institute of Technology
Taught Architecture Design in Kyoto Institute of Technology

Established this architects office in Kyoto, Japan.

Japanese Architects Practices – key contemporary design studios in Japan.

Recent Awards:

Honorable Mention, 6th Kenchikujin Awards
Special Mention, Fritz-Höger-Preis 2014 für Backstein-Architektur
Honourable Mention in Building category of Kyoto Cityscape Awards

Gold Award, Global Design Awards 2011, HKDA

Housing Design Award for Osaka

Japan Architectural Designs

Contemporary Architecture in Japan – architectural selection below:

Ninja Black Kyoto Hotel, centre of Kyoto
Architect: Eastern Design Office
Hotel Ninja Black in Kyoto City - Japanese architecture news
photography : Koichi Torimura, Jeffrey Friedl, Takashi Inaizumi
Hotel Ninja Black in Kyoto City

Australia House, Niigata Prefecture
Design: Andrew Burns Architecture
Australia House in Niigata Prefecture - Japanese architecture news
photography: Brett Boardman
Australia House, Niigata Prefecture

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