Martin’s Lane Winery Kelowna, British Columbia, von Mandl Family Estates Winemarking Facility

Martin’s Lane Winery, Kelowna

von Mandl Family Estates Building in BC, Canada – design by Olson Kundig Architects

Apr 29, 2017

Martin’s Lane Winery in Kelowna

Design: Olson Kundig, Architects

Location: Kelowna, Okanagan Valley, southern British Columbia, Canada

Martin’s Lane Winery Building

Tucked into a hillside in Kelowna, British Columbia, the design of the newest winery in the von Mandl Family Estates creates an intimate relationship between the topography of the land and a new gravity-flow winery.

Martin's Lane Winery in Kelowna

The design of the production facility follows the direction of the land, utilizing the downhill slope for its gravity-flow process while the visitor experience cantilevers out over the vineyards, offering views to the surrounding landscape.

The functional areas of the winery step down the hillside, from the grape-receiving area at the top through fermentation into the settling room, bottling room and ending at a below-ground barrel storage area. Office and visitor spaces are woven into the manufacturing portion of the structure, including a tasting room, dining room, and visitor walkways that offer intimate views of the production process.

Martin's Lane Winery in Kelowna

The barrel storage is set back into the hillside to take advantage of stable earth temperatures, minimize HVAC use and maintain a constant, ideal temperature and humidity without the need for conventional heating or cooling systems.

The facility’s exterior is cladded with obsidian-painted structural steel and rusted corrugated steel for siding and roof overhangs. Siding panels are tilted downhill to visually underscore the story of the gravity-flow process.

Martin's Lane Winery in Kelowna

Guided tours bring visitors into the facility through a rough board-formed concrete tunnel and then to an exclusive tasting room accented by a glass and perforated steel wall that overlooks the barrel storage area. A signature spiral stair case leads up to larger tasting room and visitor experience area with perforated steel on the outside and solid steel inside. The form of the staircase was inspired by the stainless-steel filtering equipment as well as the Fibonacci rationale that structures how grape vines propagate.

Martin's Lane Winery in Kelowna

The split roof design with strategically located clerestory windows provide ample natural light throughout the space. The operable windows draw in breezes from the lake, which funnel through the building, providing natural ventilation. The windows also provide a visual connection to the land and nature with views to the lake and surrounding vineyards.

Martin's Lane Winery in Kelowna

Martin’s Lane Winery Kelowna – Building Information

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Olson Kundig Architects

Conpany address: 5445 LAKESHORE ROAD KELOWNA, BC. CANADA V1W 4S5

Location: 5445 Lakeshore Road, Kelowna, BC, Canada, V1W 4S5

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