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Bursa Wholesale Market

Market Building Turkey – design by Tuncer Cakmakli Architects

3 Mar 2009

Bursa Wholesale Greengrocer’s Market

Location: north west Turkey

Design: Tuncer Cakmakli Architects

Bursa Wholesale Market Turkey

Bursa Wholesale Market

The underlying premise of the market is that the quality and price of consumer goods can be fairly and transparently negotiated through the complex interactions of many producers, brokers, and retailers together within a common space.

Bursa Wholesale Market Bursa Wholesale Market Turkey Bursa Wholesale Greengrocer's Market Turkey

By bringing these encounters together under one roof, the full extent of the supply, demand, and quality can be surveyed and analyzed by all parties to the negotiation at once, resulting in the most accurate evaluations of price. It should come as no surprise, then, that the form is like a stadium, since the ease of viewing is as fundamental to the activities of a market as to a football match.

Bursa Wholesale Market Bursa Market Turkey Bursa Market Bursa Wholesale Market Turkey

At the same time, the municipality must ensure the efficient, safe distribution of food products to its citizens. By consolidating the wholesale trade of produce for the city of Bursa in a single location, the municipality is able to monitor the produce for quality and also to ensure that health regulations are followed.

In terms of it’s architecture, the building maintains the idiom of the centralized, covered market, conecting it symbolically with long-standing architectural and cultural traditions. The market accommodates the intense trading and the complex patterns of vehicle and pedestrian traffic within an fluid, elliptical shape, which in turn is surrounded by the brokers’ offices.

Bursa Wholesale Market Turkey Bursa Wholesale Market Turkey Bursa Wholesale Market Turkey Bursa Wholesale Market Turkey

The high, vaulted space is a reinvention of a tradiditional form that provides a controlled, healthy environment for the age-old functional requirements of a market. The naturally ventilated arcade enables retailers to easily survey the available supply, while the architectural form and the carefully considered routing of vehicles, people, and produce through the space prevents the process from descending into chaos.

The building is a total of 200.000 square meters, about 3/4 of which is open air. The enclosed spaces consists of 22.000 square meters of market space, 20.000 for brokers’ offices, and 2.400 for administration, a restaurant, office space, and a hotel.

Bursa Wholesale Market Turkey Bursa Wholesale Market Turkey Bursa Wholesale Market Turkey Bursa Wholesale Market Turkey

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Tuncer Cakmakli Architects

Location: Bursa, Turkey

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