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Ginza Natsuno R Building, Tokyo

Contemporary Japanese Shop Development: Modern Japan Store design by TNA

18 Jan 2011

Ginza Natsuno R Building Tokyo

Architects: TNA

Ginza Natsuno R Building, Tokyo

It is a plan of the flagship shop of Ginza ‘Natsuno’(the “Chopsticks” specialty store)of Ginza.

Ginza Natsuno R Building Ginza Natsuno R Building Tokyo Natsuno R Building Ginza Natsuno R Building
images from architect

A long and slender building where 40m like “Chopsticks” was exceeded on the site only of 50m2 in the corner in the intersection on Namiki street and Matsuya street was planned. It was thought that the natural situation that extended as it is a delicate scale “Chopsticks”, and had become a building was not able to be produced.

Then, it was thought that the scale of “Pillar” of the high rise was reduced to the scale of “Pillar” of the house, and it was going to make it to a structure near the person.

The pillar of the iron frame of 10×10cm was displayed according to the site, the small pillar tied in some places mutually in the beam, and it did like a cylindrical pillar whose the entire building is one.

Ginza Natsuno R Building Ginza Natsuno R Building Tokyo Natsuno R Building Ginza
images from architect

The glass is set between those. It is externals it becomes a milk-white like the shoji, it becomes becoming the transparent shade like the showcase in parts, and everything from the exterior to the structure and the fixture and furniture combines, and with the gradation.

This building has no neither reflecting facade peculiar to Ginza nor a signboard colorful exterior. This building in a rough expression, is sometimes a transparent part, and is externals that connect the town ‘GINZA ‘ to the inside.

This is a proposal of a new way of the building in Ginza to be built.

Ginza Natsuno R Building Tokyo images / information from TNA Architects

Location: Ginza, Tokyo, Japan, eastern Asia

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武井 誠 + 鍋島 千恵 / TNA

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2017  2A asia award 「KAMOI FACTORY」

2016  Record Houses 「HELIX HOUSE」

2015  Prize of AIJ for Design 「JOSHU TOMIOKA STATION」



2014  Brunel Awards 「JOSHU TOMIOKA STATION」

     JIA CHUGOKU Architecture Awards 「KAMOI MUSEUM」

2012  AR Award highly commended 「KAMOI MUSEUM」

2010  JIA New Architect Award 「FIGURED GLASS HOUSE」


2008  Wallpaper Design Awards 「RING HOUSE」

2007  Record Houses 「RING HOUSE」

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