Nude Project Milan shop, Italy streetwear store

Nude Project Milan Shop Italy

The architectural and interior design studio El Departamento has unveiled its latest creation in Milan, Italy – the new flagship store for the rapidly growing Spanish streetwear brand, Nude Project. Spanning 98 sqm, the space draws inspiration from classic Italian palaces and signifies a major international leap for both entities

GRiD Mall and Education Hub, Selegie Arts District

GRiD Mall and Education Hub Selegie Arts District Singapore

Spark introduces GRiD, a youth focused mall and education hub at the heart of Singapore’s Selegie Arts District, sandwiched between the adjacent School of the Arts and several time-worn shopping malls. GRiD is the next chapter in this narrative and a great example of vibrant retrofitting of an existing building

LEDING Menswear Bespoke Design, Shaoxing City

LEDING Menswear Bespoke Design Shaoxing City China

Greater Dog Architects were invited to visit the suit production studio and see the process of hand-making suit before they started LEDING Bespoke space design project in Shaoxing City Zhejiang, China. It was fascinated to see different fabrics, plate-making, tailoring, even old sewing machines and ironing tools