Campus Park Skara Building, Architecture Contest Sweden, Design competition images

Campus Park Skara, Sweden : Swedish Design Competition

Skara Building design by AART architects + Schonherr Landscape

19 Jan 2012

Campus Park Skara Building

Design: AART architects with Schonherr Landscape

AART architects wins campus project in Sweden

AART architects and Schonherr Landscape have won the competition for the new Campus Park Skara in Sweden, including a 10,000m2 school and a 49 acre green park.

Skara Municipality has appointed AART architects and Schonherr Landscape as the winning team to carry on the city’s proud school tradition by designing the new Campus Park Skara located in the heart of the city. The winning proposal consists of a 49 acre green park and a 10,000m2 lower secondary school and is characterised in that it integrates the architecture as an interactive learning element.

”In the design of Campus Park Skara, we strive to excite the students’ curiosity and desire to learn by using the architecture as an innovative learning platform, stimulating their senses and social interaction,” Anders Tyrrestrup, partner in AART architects, points out.

Campus Park Skara, Swedish Design Competition
picture © AART architects / Schonherr Landscape

Interactive learning elements

By broadening the architectural scope, the school creates an engaging learning environment. Based on the students’ different needs, the school promotes different teaching styles, as the floors, walls and furniture are designed as sensuous and pedagogical elements which can be included in the daily schooling.

Likewise, the school has integrated touchscreens at the public square and weather stations in the park, so the students easily can gather data about the building´s energy consumption and the local climate. In addition, a mini zoo and science garden allow the students to get their hands dirty and study the vegetation and animals in a natural environment.

Campus Park Skara
picture © AART architects / Schonherr Landscape

The public square

The school is designed as an atrium building rooted in a public square, creating an inclusive and cohesive learning environment. The atrium creates visual contact between the floors, while the public square is designed as the heart of the school, embedding the school’s values.

With its media centre, café, scene and close contact with the green park, the public square creates a vibrant base where the students and teachers can share knowledge, meet for a cosy chat and develop common traditions such as student concerts or theatrical performances.

Campus Park Skara images / information from AART architects

Location: Skara, Sweden, northeast Europe

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